Thursday, January 25, 2007



I am not prone to writing to the "Letters to the Editors" columns of our newspapers. I get things off my chest by writing my blogs - or having long discussions with my friends.

However - this morning I wrote to the Editor of The Jerusalem Post. I won't go into the why's and wherefore's of President Moshe Katsav's speech on television last night - his perorations against the media, the police, Attorney General Meni Mazuz
- and anyone else whose "fault it is" for putting him into the position in which he currently finds himself.

He may be guilty of the allegations against him - he may not be. That's not the point of my letter to the Editor.

On page 2 of this morning's Jerusalem Post is an article headed: "PERES SAYS HE COULD HAVE EXPOSED KATSAV IN 2000". Following is the text of the letter I just sent to the paper:


I was appalled upon reading on page 2 of today's Jerusalem Post (January 25, 2007) that Shimon Peres knew about the allegations of Moshe Katsav's sexual harrassment and could have exposed him - and chose not to do so.

That action of concealment was totally and completely irresponsible on the part of Mr. Peres.

He could have prevented much pain and suffering to the women involved - not to mentioned the damage now being done to our country.

He is almost as culpable as President Katsav - more so perhaps. Why did he choose to remain silent? That is the question.

Shame on you, Mr. Peres.

I hope you all are as appalled as I am at the actions - or inaction - of one of our Elder Statesmen.

Stay Safe.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007



In less than two weeks we'll be in India. Did I tell you that this year Myra and I are taking some women on a trip to India? Of course I did. Which is only one of the reasons why I've not written in a while - I've spent almost all of my time at the computer trying to organize this trip. In addition to other excitement in my life - like changing my television provider from HOT to YES - which is another long story for another day.

I think we've got it all organized and under control - I hope I hope I hope. We've got our tickets from El Al - that's another thing - there are no "real" tickets these days - only "virtual" tickets - a piece of paper that says that the person at the check-in desk will actually issue a ticket when I get there. No matter how many times I've done this I don't really believe that I'll be allowed to board the plane until I'm on the plane and buckled into my seat. And we have our visas. And our shots - tetanus - typhoid - hepatitus both A and B - and anti-malaria pills. And our travel insurance.

Why - you might very well ask - would we want to go to a country where such protection is necessary? Because it's a fascinating country and interesting and exotic and so different from our everyday life. Of course - there are those of my friends who think that I live in an exotic country. But to me Israel is just home - not exotic at all - it's simply the place I call home. Different? Sure. Difficult? Definitely. But home nevertheless.

Anyway - back to our trip. I have a "tik" (folder, file) of correspondence with which I could wallpaper a room. And thanks to email I haven't had to go to the post office once - it's all done electronically - with almost instant replies. What's the weather like now? Which hotels? Who are our guides? (After our several prioir trips we have our favorites) Are we going to see the Tiffin Wallas? What kind of car are we going to have? Can we go to Ranakpur again?

After my three previous trips I have a great relationship with our Indian travel agent - last year she came to Israel with her mother and grandmother and, of course, I invited them to dinner at my house - would you think otherwise? And over the years we have become friends. So this year we are all invited to dinner at her home in Delhi. AND - we have all been invited to the wedding of her colleague's daughter. I'll tell you all about it when I get back. I promise.

Oops - the morning news just came on. Have to go - our President will be asked to resign because of sexual misconduct. Must listen to the news.

Stay Safe.


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