Sunday, February 21, 2010



As my friend, Arthur, reminded me when he called me from Canada last week - I haven't written since December 24th - almost two months. And its not as if I had nothing to say - I always have something to say. My excuse? Just lazy, I suppose. OK - back to work.

One of the last times I wrote I told you I was on a diet. And then the last time I wrote I told you about the glorious new / old restaurant "The Rotisserie" - where we had a wonderful lunch. So - how can I be on a diet and still go out for glorious lunches and dinners? Not to mention breakfasts. My dears - you won't believe this - but it's true. I am still on my diet - have not cheated even once - and so far I have lost 10 kilos - that's 22 pounds. Are you impressed?

And - I go to the gym religiously. So aside from the pounds I'm also losing inches...or centimeters if that's the way you are counting.

My partner-in-crime, Marallyn, is also on the same diet and going to the same dietician. But, instead of going to the gym she goes swimming. She's my very dear friend and I would do almost anything for her - but I will not go to the pool with her - and that's final.

You have to understand - I know how to swim. After all, I was sent away to summer camp for the first time when I was seven years old - and only stopped going when I was already in college. (I used to think my parents hated me and that's why they sent me away every summer. I had no idea what a financial stretch it was for them to send both me and my brother to sleep-away-camp for two months each year.) And in camp you learn how to swim. But I digress.

To me going to the pool means lying under a tree or an umbrella, with an ice cold gin and tonic to hand. And when I go into the water I like to sit on my floating chaise longue, with the above-mentioned gin and tonic and a good book to read.

So - whether pool or gym - we're both doing what we have to. Dieting and exercising - and beginning to look great. And we all help each other. Riva gave me a discount coupon to the gym and I introduced her and her husband to the dietician. We are really all feeling so virtuous.

And while I'm on the subject of virtuous - how's that for a segue - I have to mention Tiger Woods' "apology to the world" the other day. You could almost see him polishing the halo above his head - he was feeling so virtuous about confessing his sins and apologizing - many many times.

I "have to" mention his apology because listening to the TV and watching them play the clip over and over is making me ill. I'm tired of listening to him....and watching him grovel...and, incidentally, announce that he is going back to playing professional golf. Truth to tell - I don't really care what he did. He owes me nothing. Certainly not an apology. Did having girlfriends make him a lesser golfer? Did Monica Lewinsky make Bill Clinton a less-good president? Same with John Edwards and Elliot Spitzer and what's-his-name Sanford - that's their problem to work out with their wives and families.

Did their exploits make me think less of them as upstanding individuals? You betcha - to quote Sarah Palin - but apologize to me? Not necessary. However - I must say how proud I am of his wife, Elin - who did not stand next to him. He did her a dirty - whether in front of the world or privately, it doesn't matter...what does matter is that she wasn't there to condone his bad behavior. You go, girl.

Yalla, Bye.

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