Sunday, June 06, 2010



Helen Thomas, the doyenne of the White House correspondents - the senior White House correspondent, in fact - made the most heinous remarks about Jews this weekend. Did anyone hear her? She said (and I paraphrase) "Jews do not belong in Israel - Israel is not theirs - they should go back to Poland or Germany -- or America -- where they belong".

Why is no one outraged? Why am I hearing nothing on the television? All I hear on TV is the talking heads still arguing the Flotilla mess. The same yada-yada-yada. The poor Palestinians - the fact that the Palestinians are "starving" in Gaza. Nothing, of course, about what Hamas has perpetrated upon Israel from Gaza.

Why is my email not jammed with people expressing their outrage? Why is this just allowed to pass?

Do you recall the white policeman in Boston who made an honest mistake and stopped a black man whom he thought was breaking into a house? President Obama was very quick to blame the policeman. Sure he was! And was so wrong that he had to invite both men to Washington to drink a beer and make shalom (peace).

Where is his outrage at the vitriol spewing from the mouth of Helen Thomas?

What would I do? Condemn her immediately. Have her issue an apology - although that's probable worth nothing. And have her removed - immediately - from attending any more White House press conferences or briefings.

It is clear that she is not a disinterested reporter without an agenda. Time to take her off the shelf - her sell-by date is long long past

Yalla, Bye.

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