Saturday, October 10, 2009



What was the Nobel Committee thinking? They have just cheapened the prize for every deserving person who has ever won it or will ever win it.

'Splain me Lucy - just exactly what has Barack Obama accomplished? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

He is waffling about what to do in Afghanistan - why should we be surprised? He took four months to choose a dog.

He has put the United Stated trillions of dollars in debt. I guess that was an "accomplishment".

As a senator he voted "present" more than 130 times. What does "present" mean? It means he had his tushie on a chair at the time the vote was taken - he didn't vote "yes" - he didn't vote "no". I suppose that was a good idea. That way he couldn't be accused of having an opinion.

When he made his little speech on the White House lawn he said he was "humbled" - as well he should have been - he has much to be humble about.

He said he "doesn't believe he deserves the prize". Right on - he doesn't.

When Yassir Arafat won the PEACE Prize I thought the world was in trouble. Now that Obama has been awarded the prize - I know we are in trouble.

If Barack Hussein Obama was really humble he should have thanked the Nobel Committee for the honor - but refused to accept the prize until he has done something tangible to deserve it.

Alfred Nobel must be flipping around in his grave.

Yalla, Bye.

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