Saturday, August 01, 2009



Oh yes - the last time I wrote was in December 2008 - a very long time ago in blogger years.

This has been a terrible year - Queen Elizabeth call it an annus horribilus - a year I don't care to repeat.

First - I developed shingles. If you don't know what that is - Google it. If you know what it is you'll know just how enervating and debilitating it is to have it. Got over that - took weeks - nay, months - with no lasting ill effects. Then - Marallyn's Mom - Bubbie Chana - was ill for a long time - and she passed away - and we had to deal with that. I really miss her - she was a grand old gal.

Then - I slipped during a rare - very rare - sleet storm in Jerusalem - and got all banged up - nothing broken - no permanent damage - but in absolute agony for weeks with bruised ribs.

And a first for me - I haven't had a dinner party in ages - no energy - no appetite - no strength to do much of anything. Not to think that I haven't been in my kitchen at all - have been doing some cooking and baking for friends - but that's about it.

Through all that I was still Rosh Va'ad (head of the Building Committee). Lots of work - lots of nudgy neighbors to deal with - lots of building problems - but - FINALLY - a light bulb went on. I don't have to be Rosh Va'ad if I don't want to. And so I resigned a few weeks ago. After years and years of running the building - ees no' my yob any more. I'm finally a private citizen. They are now looking for a management company to replace me - can you imagine that?

Anyway - there is much more to write about than the past year. It's gone - and all the attendant troubles that were so tiresome to deal with. I had a "pity party" for a while - well, who wouldn't. But with the help of my fabulous friends - I've always said I was so lucky to have my friends - who fed me and cooked for me and shlepped me to the doctor and commiserated with me - all is well now and we can go on to bigger and better things.

So much to write about - politics - Obama - the state (and State) of Israel - Obama - my life - recipes - Obama ------you get the message.

Watch this space. I promise - I'll write again soon. Glad to be back.

Yalla, Bye.

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