Monday, June 16, 2008



Here's a little test for you to see if you really read my blogs. Two blogs ago I wrote about a restaurant that Riva and I were going to go to - and that I'd let you know what we thought of it. Remember?

We went - and I thought it was so wonderful that I sent a rave review into "e-luna". If you don't know what "e-luna" is - it's a site here in Israel listing most of the good kosher restaurants in all the cities in Israel - containing reviews and a place to click onto to get discount coupons for the restaurants. Now - don't think for a moment that because you can get a discount coupon the restaurants are iksa (yechy) - some of them are really, really fine - as was "Etzel Pini Bachetzer".

I won't give you the entire review - you can read that on "e-luna" - what I will tell you is that the food and service and ambience were more than even I expected. And I had eaten at the restaurant in their first incarnation in town when it wasn't kosher. "e-luna" was even nice enough to include my blog address in with the review. So now you know - read the review and go to the restaurant.

In that same blog I mentioned that I was going to visit my cousin, Dizza, for Shavuout. The whole day was a joy - from beginning to end. First of all - it was the first time I had taken my car out for a really long drive - Herzliya Pituach doesn't count as it's only forty-five minutes away - this ride was about one and one half hours. The car drives like a dream - OK - I won't bore you with all my raves about my new car. Second - radio station "88" had an all-day jazz-blues program - all the greats - the Dorseys, Grady Tate, Ella Fitzgerald, Art Tatum - programs from the "Blue Note" in New York where I (mis)spent a lot of my youth - all the music brought back such memories. And the program was still on when I drove home in the evening.

And third - but not last - I got to spend time with my cousins Dizza and Ufaz and their youngest daughter, Daphy - whose middle name is Rena - after me. So I loved her even before she was born because I knew she would carry my name. Believe me when I tell you that Dizza and I didn't stop talking for one minute in seven hours. In between we ate - Ufaz (nicknamed Pazzi) joined us for a while - and then Daphy joined us - so the three women had a real girl-talk fest.

Daphy's older sister is getting married on July 1st, so of course I had to see what they were wearing. Then we discussed our mutual friends, family, and bras. Yes - bras. Imagine, if you will, three women sitting around the table pulling our shirts up - or down - to compare our bras. It seemed a perfectly normal thing to do - wasn't it? (By that time Pazzi had left the table - it wasn't a conversation for him.)

Now it's back to real life - no more chaggim (holidays) for a while. But a very busy time nevertheless - trying to get ready for our Annual Meeting - dance concerts - music concerts - dinners - breakfasts - and so it goes.

Yalla, Bye.

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