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Some time ago I wrote a REQUIEM FOR A CHICKEN WING bemoaning the closing of my favorite chicken-wing place - "Poyo Loco".

But as Judi reminded me yesterday all was not lost. There was still a wonderful place at the "Bilu Center" - near Rehovot - that served chicken wings. In fact - they served anything "chicken". Chicken cutlets, whole chickens, half chickens, quarter chickens - and chicken wings prepared in several different styles.

Have you noticed that I am writing in the past tense?

This morning Judi and Marallyn and I decided to drive all the way to Rehovot - not exactly next door to Jerusalem - to go to "Nando's" to have their chicken wings for lunch. A nice outing for a Saturday. The "Bilu Center" is like one of those big outlet malls in the States - all the national chains have shops there - clothing, housewares, books - you name it and they have it. And it's open on Saturday.

So - off we went. And when we got there we even found a parking space almost immediately. A big space at that so that there was no chance anyone next to me would scratch my new car. (OK - so I'm a bit neurotic.) We wandered around - into and out of stores - always in the direction of "Nando's"

I tell you - somebody up there doesn't want me to eat chicken wings. When we arrived at what used to be the restaurant - it was closed. Not only closed - but half torn down. The three of us were in shock. We were almost in tears. And we hadn't eaten breakfast so that we would have room for our beloved chicken wings. So we were also starving.

Judi is the only clever one of us - she carries "noshies" in her bag. But Marallyn and I had nothing. And Judi didn't really have enough to make a lunch for the three of us. What to do? We three quick-thinking ladies called the "Black Steer" - the place for fabulous ribs - and made a reservation. But we were still starving and we still had a long way to go to get to the restaurant.

So - Marallyn and I had our vorschpeis (appetizer) standing in the middle of the street. Marallyn treated us both to big, juicy hot dogs with ketchup and mustard and sauerkraut. We practically inhaled them we were so hungry.

So that when we got to the "Black Steer" we didn't have our usual salad to start - remember, we had all had our vorschpeis. The three of shared a whole order of spare ribs with chips (french fries) and onion rings - but - we drank diet cokes!!

And so this is my final REQUIEM FOR A CHICKEN WING - there is no other place for great wings that I know of - there will be no PART TROIS to this saga.

But wait a minute - next Thursday is Yom Haatzmaut (Independence Day) and, as I am every year, I'm invited to Marallyn's brother-in-law's for our national barbecue celebration. Do you think he'll have chicken wings?

Yalla, Bye.

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