Tuesday, April 15, 2008



With all the balagan (mess, turmoil) in this run-up week to Pesach two very nice things have happened to me - well, three actually. My US tax returns have been finished on time and are in the mail to the relevant parties in the States. Yes, I'm feeling very poor today in case you're interested - I can put the money to better use than the U.S. government can - believe me.

The second perfect thing - or maybe it should be the first perfect thing - is that my new car arrived yesterday. It is gorgeous - lovely - beautiful - and brand spanking new. It even has that sexy new-car smell. It's silver and is shiny and clean and arrived with only 12 kilometres on it - it was only driven from "there" to "here" - right in front of my house. Now - that's what I call service.

Nevermind that it has so many bells and whistles that it will take me forever to figure it out. There is, of course, a driving mode for going downhill on a highway. But - there is also a driving mode for driving early in the morning and for driving in underground garages. Who knew?

ELDAN (the company who leases me my car) called me last week to ask me if I wanted them to install a flech - flach? - floch? ( the thingie to which you attach your diburit [speaker for the cellular phone]). "A what?" I asked. Never heard that word before - I think it's a flech - but I'm not sure. Anyway - they installed it and today I'm having the diburit installed. It's highly illegal - not to mention very expensive if you are caught - to speak on a hand-held phone while driving. Just one more thing to do before I have to begin cooking for the Seder.

And the third lovely event is that a journalist from Germany who is working at HAARETZ - one of our national newspapers - found my blogs and liked what she read. She called me and asked to meet with me so I could explain Pesach to her - which is very complicated, if you remember reading my last year's Pesach blog....Ashkenazi - Sepharadi - customs - foods. We had lunch this week at "Caffit" - of course at "Caffit" - where else - and she was so charming and so interesting that I invited her to the Seder. She's going to write about Pesach for her paper in Germany so I thought she might as well see - and be part of - the "real thing". An exciting benefit to writing a blog. And really fitting as I lived in Germany for more than two years and celebrated two Seders there.

I'm just carrying on a family tradition as my Mom very often invited strangers to our Seders. It should be an interesting Seder as we will be such a diverse group of people. And now I'd better get on with my day - there are a million things to do before I begin the massive cooking and preparing. The soup is already made and in the freezer - as is the sweet and sour red cabbage. That only leaves fourteen more things to cook! Hope I'm ready on time.

Hag Sameach (Happy Holiday).

Yalla, Bye.

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