Friday, April 11, 2008



Do you remember the old song "Dance with me Henry"? Just call this "Write to me Julie"!

Those of you who read this blog regularly know I have two major failings. I have absolutely no Choosh Kivoon (sense of direction). And - I am utterly and completely lacking in any understanding of anything technological or technical - are they the same thing?

Anyway - yesterday I received a "comment" on my blogs from Julie - which I wanted to answer. I clicked on "moderate this comment" - nothing. I clicked on"publish this comment" - also nothing. I tried to reply to the comment - a further nothing. How will I get in touch with Julie?

What to do? I know - I'll write another blog.

So this blog is to Julie. Julie and her husband are coming to Israel for a visit and would like to hang out with me at my favorite cafe, "Caffit". She loves my blogs and my descriptions of food - long slow-cooked meals like my Chicken Fricassee. We can hang out and talk of this and that - and food - and my trip to the shuk (outdoor market) yesterday with Yoav and Ernesto - which was the most fun I ever had at the shuk.

So Julie - please write to me again and give me your email address. I'd love to hang out with you. And wish you a very Happy Birthday in person.

And do you notice that the font in this blog has now become italic? I'm telling you - there are gremlins in my life - I simply cannot get the font back to regular "ariel". I'm sure any normal person could get the font back - but I? - I simply just can't do it.

Yalla, Bye.

Rena - you are so funny!

Just go up to 'fonts' - open the menu and change from 'italic' back to regular.

Love Ya

Arthur My Darling - I clicked and clicked and clicked and......nothing happened. Therefore - Ha Ha Ha - I'm laughing because I'm so funny - I continued in italic. Love Ya Too.
Oh, I love Caffit as well! I adore your blog, it is a great read! So good to read about other's people love of Jerusalem. I'm definitely becoming a regular.
Little Jezebel - Welcome to my world - glad to have you as a regular.
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