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Eight young lives snuffed out. More young men in hospital - some critically injured. Eight funerals today.

Last night the Palestinians struck again - again at innocent civilians. Innocent young men who were celebrating the beginning of the month of Adar and the coming of Purim.

And you are just reading my words - what you are not hearing is that each word is a cry - a scream - a rage at the situation here in Israel. A rage that the UN couldn't bring its august self to condemn that atrocious act. A rage that President Bush believes that the peace talks should continue. A rage that the whole world asks us not to respond "disporportionally" to the bombs from Gaza raining down daily on Sderot and Ashkelon. And just what is "proportionally" might I ask?

I was so proud of the young man, Yitzhak Dadon, who - when asked by a journalist how he managed to kill the terrorist last night - added to his explanation the ironic words "and we thank you Mr. Peres and Mr. Olmert for arming the Palestinians". For that is just what they did. Our fabulous Prime Minister Olmert - whose sons do not serve in our armed forces. Our equally fabulous President Peres - whose great achievement is jetting around the world. And I add my thanks to Mr. Bush and Ms. Rice - who are convinced that they can make peace during their term in office to make them look good. At any cost - to us.

All of us here flip channels during an emergency to see what the world is saying and how the world is reacting. So just imagine my rage when I flipped on to Al-Jazeera and saw the Palestinians in Gaza celebrating in the streets. Yes - celebrating the deaths of these innocents. We Israelis do not celebrate the deaths of innocent civilians. We do not hand out candies and fly flags and dance in the streets when someone - anyone - is killed.

These are the people with whom we are supposed to male peace? These people who do not want peace with us? These people whose avowed aim is to eradicate the State of Israel - not live in peace alongside of us?

Wake up President Bush. Wake up Secretary Rice. WAKE UP WORLD! Today it is Israel - tomorrow it will be you - G-d forbid..

In the meantime - the nation mourns these eight young men.

May their families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Rest in Peace.

Dear Rena,
My heart aches for you and all of Israel. Please know that you all are in my prayers.

There have been many, many people in America who have contacted President Bush and Secretary Rice regarding the injustices going on in Israel (i.e. Israelis always having to make concessions while the Palestinians continue in their evil devices). Their solution is "give them land, give them land, give them Jerusalem!! They just don't seem to "get it". They just do not listen!! Their blindness is bizarre. It makes no sense. Does anyone believe that if this kind of thing was going on in their own country, that they would be asked to do what Israel is being asked to do? I have heard rumors about a "shadow government" that makes all the decisions from the behind the scenes. This way they can circumvent the Constitution and deceive the public. The present circumstances with our primary elections is a good example. We are saddled with candidates we do not want. I'm beginning to think it may be true.

You spoke of your anger toward those people. They are not people. They are demons from the pits of hell! No human being could do the things they do (beheadings, mutilations, torture, etc.)especially against innocent children. Good L-rd, even their own children!! It's just not the behavior of human beings.

And you are so right. Today, it is Israel, tomorrow it will be us.
I'm glad you enjoyed my blog - and better yet - got the point of it.
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