Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Ros and I went to see "The Kite Runner" last night - an absolutely wonderful film. I thought I just wept a little - Ros says I was sobbing out loud. I love films that move me - one way or the other. Either I laugh helplessly or I sob because my heart is broken. So either way I feel as if I've gotten my money's worth and have an enjoyable time. (But don't just see the film - read the book if you haven't already done so.)

Then we decided to go to one of our favorite restaurants - "Poyo Loco" (sic) - for one of our favorite meals - grilled chicken wings. You have to understand that I love good food. It can be in an elegant and expensive restaurant or it can be in a small dive - as long as the food is really the best of its kind. And "Poyo Loco" was - note the past tense.

My husband used to say that I had the potential to be a really cheap date. We went to all of the fanciest, best and most elegant restaurants in all parts of the world we visited - and I loved the ambience and the service and the food - what divine food we ate. But - and here's the but - if the truth be told I adore grilled chicken wings and anything made with ground beef. Meat loaf - meatballs - moussaka - hamburgers - stuffed vegetables - and chicken wings.

And so it was that after the film Ros and I had our hearts set on "Poyo Loco's" grilled chicken wings. True - there were many other things on the menu too - but we always ate grilled chicken wings - some salads to start (the best cole slaw ever) and then the wings with rice or chips or a baked potato - and that was it. Sometimes we finished with a glezel tay (Yiddish - glass of tea). And when I drove up the street Ros said, "The place looks dark". And it was dark - out of business!! No prior notice - no nothing. Just a sign in front that stated "In this place will be a branch of 'Avazi':"

Now - "Avazi" is a very respectable steakia (a restaurant that serves meat on skewers and cooked on the grill) - but we already have many steakiot (plural of steakia) in the area. What we don't have are any places that serve grilled chicken wings.

I am heartbroken. Ros was heartbroken. And when I called Marallyn to impart the bad news - she was heartbroken, too.

Rest In Peace dear "Poyo Loco" - you have no idea how much we shall miss you.

Yalla, Bye.

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