Saturday, January 26, 2008



If you recall my last Blog - I was bemoaning the fact that "Elite" never replied to my letter about the missing piece of chocolate. And I also said that I would let you know what happens in the future.

Well, my dears - on Thursday I answered my phone to hear a representative of "Elite" asking for me. She apologized most heartily for the short-count in the bag of chocolates and actually thanked me for being "such a concerned and alert consumer" and letting them know of the problem. If that's not a great way of handling a consumer complaint I don't know what is. Kudos to them. (By the way - does one always send "kudos" - in the plural? Does anyone ever send a singular "kudo"?)

And - they are mailing me a gift certificate for 50 shekels so I can buy more "Elite" chocolates....and continue to be their customer.

So what do you think I did? I went right out and bought a box of "Max Brenner" chocolates - remember? - I said "Elite" also owned "Max Brenner" - to take as one of my gifts to my friends in London - when I go next week - if I ever get there next week. (They love M.B. chocolates.)

Good segue - wasn't it? This is by way of telling you not to look for my Blog next week - I hope. I expect to be in London to attend the 80th Birthday bash of my friend, Stewart. As we all did for Pearl and Stewart's 50th Wedding Anniversary - we're showing up again from all over the place for his birthday.

BUT - snow is predicted for Tuesday and I have to get to the airport at the crack of dawn on Wednesday. Driving my own car because it get's stored at the airport when I am abroad. Mind you - we have had no winter to speak of and it's already the end of January. So last week it became very cold - now it's finally raining - and next week snow.

I'm the first to admit that we need rain and snow during the winter months - and there has been a real shortage of both this year. But - please, pretty please - can the snow just hold off until my plane takes off on Wednesday morning?

You have to understand that it seldom snows in Israel and when it does - the whole country - or at least the parts that actually get snow - goes into a swivet. Israelis do not know how to drive in snow. Many Israelis have never even seen snow. I'm from New York so I know what snow is - and how to drive in it. But - I had snow tires in the winter - or, at least, snow chains in my trunk. Here - klum (nothing). So - I'll worry and worry until I get to the airport - although that won't do much good because it won't help. If any of you knows a "snow-stay-away dance - start dancing - NOW!

And if you don't get a Blog next weekend - you'll know I made it to the airport and am enjoying myself in London. I'll be in touch when I get back - if I ever get there.

Yalla, Bye.

Have a great time in London! and 80th birthday~what a blessing!
Thanks - had a great time - read my next blog.
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