Sunday, January 06, 2008



On very many levels I am extremely disturbed about President Bush's visit to Israel this coming Wednesday. Some of my concerns might seem, at first glance, to be merely selfish and self-serving. Such as my dismay at our city - Jerusalem - being thrown into chaos with regard to the traffic situation.

There will not be any way for us ordinary citizens to get downtown - for instance, I will not be able to get my hair done as my hairdresser is right in the middle of downtown. Sounds a bit petty - don't you think? But what about the people who work downtown and will find all kinds of impediments lying in their paths to their offices and shops? The City is not only closing off the main streets leading to the center of town - but has already forbidden parking on those streets and has said that cars will be towed to a parking lot in an outlying area.

Not to mention that traffic in this city is already a nightmare due to the light rail line being installed - which is already millions over budget and years late.

Visitors with confirmed reservations will be - no, have already been - thrown out of their hotels. And this at a time when tourism is just beginning to get back to where it was before the Second Lebanon War. Why is it necessary to reserve more than 800 - yes 800 - rooms for Bush's entourage? Who are all these people anyway? Are they integral to the "peace process"?

And why has the City spent millions of shekels on cleaning up the streets - but only the streets where Bush and his entourage will travel? What about the rest of the city? Under Mayor Lupolianski the city is falling apart - and yet millions of shekels are being wasted on this visit. Not to mention the thousands of flags being hung up along his routes - all costing money which, we are told, the country doesn't have for serious problems such as teachers' salaries. But we have the money for this shtuyot (stupidity)?

And I understand that the area around the Malha Mall will be closed so that President Bush can have his morning jog. Can't he go to a gym and walk on a treadmill like a normal person? It's three days - what will happen to him if he doesn't jog for three days? Better he should spend his time practicing the correct way to say nuclear - that's nyu-clee-ar Mr. Bush - not noo-cyoo-ler!

And why am I so angry about all of this? About the American President coming to Israel for a visit? Because he is a failed President with a failed presidency meeting with a failed Prime Minister. So - as all United States Presidents do when the going gets tough and their ratings are way down - they decide to be our savoir - to be "the one" to implement the "peace process".

And at what cost to us? Prime Minister Olmert is in no better political shape here at home than Bush is in the States. So these two failures - one who stole an election and one who wasn't even elected - are going to get together to decide our fate. Will that bring up their ratings? Will that make them more popular? Will that kill us?

Yalla, Bye.

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