Sunday, December 02, 2007



Doesn't matter how you spell it - it's almost here again. And early again - although sometimes it's late.

Wasn't it just a few months ago that I was railing about Rosh Hashana being very early this year? It stands to reason that if Rosh Hashana was early this year then Chanukkah will also be early - but it's still too early for me.

Have barely finished with Thanksgiving - well, I still have a turkey carcass in the freezer to make another soup but to all intents and purposes Thanksgiving is over and done with for this year. I'm simply not ready for Hanukah to arrive - and this week yet. I haven't polished my chanukia - although I did break down and buy the candles last week.

Truth to tell - there have been soufganiot (jelly donuts) in the shops for weeks now. For those of you who don't know - soufganiot are the symbolic food for Hanukkah here in Israel - unlike latkes - also known as levivot here (pancakes - particularly potato pancakes) in the States. Yes - people do eat latkes here - but soufganiot are the preferred food. Doesn't matter how many years I'll live here - jelly donuts are what we used to buy on the way to the office (in New York) to eat with our morning coffee - not something symbolizing Hannuka. I'm a latka girl....and I'll always be one.

On Wednesday Marallyn is doing her annual Channukka bash - and while she'll serve soufganiot - l know she's also serving latkes - now that's Channukkah - however you want to spell it.

Have a Happy One.

Yalla. Bye

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