Sunday, November 18, 2007



I've just gone back and read the three Blogs I wrote last Thanksgiving - actually If you, too, go back and read them there is no need for me to write this Thanksgiving.

But - I'll write anyway. There's no way you can shut this girl up. It's now Sunday evening and my preparations have already started. Four days until the big dinner. The turkeys are ordered and will be picked up on Wednesday. The vegetables for the stuffing are already sauteed and in the freezer - ditto the turkey stock for the gravy, also in the freezer. The breads for the stuffing are in the fridge getting a bit stale - as they should be - so I can toast them before making the stuffing.

Have already done most of the marketing except for the fresh vegetables. Have ironed the napkins and will iron the tablecloth on Wednesday just before I put it on the table - remember? - I hate cupboard folds in my cloths. (How neurotic can you be?)

Did you read THE GREAT CRANBERRY CAPER Blog? Well - another wonderful cranberry gift came my way on Thursday. I went to my friend Susan's house to pay a shiva call (the seven days you sit in mourning after someone close to you dies). I mean no disrespect when I say it wasn't a particularly sad occasion. Yes - it's always sad when you lose a parent - but - her Dad was 96-and-a-half when he died and he lived a very good and happy and useful life - and the people at the shiva spent the time celebrating his life instead of mourning his death - what a lucky man. Anyway - after everyone had gone and Susan and I were still sitting around and talking she said "Come into the kitchen". And she opened her freezer and gave me a bag of cranberries she'd brought back from New York!! And I hadn't even told her about my cranberry trials. She simply gave me a gift.

So now I have plenty of cranberries - on Tuesday I'll make fresh cranberry sauce and fresh cranberry relish - and I won't have to worry about saying FHB - remember that? - it means Family Hold Back - what your mother always said when there were too many unexpected guests and she wasn't sure there was enough food to go around. Of course you lost both ways - not only didn't you get enough to eat - you also didn't get any dessert because your mother then said "You didn't eat your dinner - now you don't get any dessert!".

And - the best thing of all - this year I don't have to get into a swivet about making pie shells. The company that makes phyllo dough and puff pastry just came out with rolls of pie dough - so this year it's three pies for sure - no sweat.

Yalla, Bye.

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