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My televisions haven't been working properly. One died - nothing to do about that - it was the first color TV we bought about thirty years ago - served us well and has now gone to its eternal rest. But the others have been cutting out in the middle of the programs - all of a sudden two new TVs are dying too? Whom should I call - my service provider "YES" - or the TV repairman?

Neither, as it turns out. There is some kind of ship out in the Mediterranean whose signals are interfering with our cable company. Did you ever hear of such a thing? To make it up to us "YES" is giving us - for the next two weeks - free first-run movies. Whooppee! But it doesn't do me any good as I am going abroad for the next two weeks.

"THE HOLIDAYS" are finally over - whew! Absolutely nothing gets done here - it's always "leefnay ha chag" (before the holiday) or "acharay ha chag" (after the holiday). The post office virtually closes down operations, my money changer went on vacation (I need to get some euros), my hairdresser went away, almost all offices are on half-day schedules, my hairdresser went away, and it is impossible to drive in Jerusalem. And my hairdresser went away!!

The religious come from all over the world to spend "The Holidays" in Jerusalem. People who don't drive all year long are renting cars for the holiday period. Then we have "marches" - The March to Jerusalem, The Blessings of the Cohanim (Priests - jewish ones of course), the cars whose drivers can't see where they are going because the schach (the fronds used to cover the succot (temporary dwellings) is falling down over the windshields - and on and on and on.

Last week Ros (with an s) came back from her trip abroad. As she has lived here even longer than I have, I asked her what restaurants she remembered from our early days here. ( Remember the last blog I wrote?) So as we were having dinner in the Black Steer - which she remembered used to be the Pundak Motza back in the days when - she remembered a whole lot of other restaurants to add to my list - Beni Dagim, HaShipudia, Shipudei HaGefen, Rama, The Georgian which then became the Marrakesh, Mama Mia, La Fontana, Ha Tzrif, Savion, an Indian Restaurant whose name no one seems to remember on Rehov Yannai - but everyone remembers was there - and whose owner was called Flower Sillamon, a Chinese Restaurant at the top of the windmill next to the Kings Hotel, and Kerem.

By the way, in my last blog I gave the transliteration for a dish called "Jerusalem Mixed Grill" as meiourav. Myra - my expert on Hebrew pronounciation - says it should have been meyorav. I stand corrected.

And now I'll say goodbye for the next two weeks. Roz (with a z) and I are going off to Barcelona and Bilbao for a holiday. That's what I needed the euros for and why I can't take advantage of the "YES" offer of free films. Our trip sounds really exciting - we've planned all kinds of fun things to do and interesting side trips to make. Will let you know all about it when I get back. Have also heard that the food is wonderful - all kinds of beautiful fish and shellfish.

Yalla, Bye.

Have a great trip - can't wait to hear about it
Jerusalem Mixed Grill - you were right in the Hebrew pronounciation, Myra was wrong.
Daveed Shachar
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