Wednesday, August 01, 2007


WE'RE HAVIN' A HEAT WAVE...and other excuses

It occurred to me today that I haven't written in weeks. And why did I think of it? Because in the midst of this impossibly long-lasting heat wave all the electricity in town went out. And after I realized that it wasn't because of anything I did wrong (I'm Jewish - it's always my fault) - I realized that I hadn't written and if my computer went down it would be ages before I wrote again.

And was I lucky. Although my computer was on at the time it wasn't damaged - and I didn't even get that rude notice on my screen telling me to turn the computer off properly next time!!! And the air-conditioner wasn't damaged - even better luck.

So - here I am - feeling guilty for not writing - and telling you why. Excuses, excuses - I know - but the dog ate my homework, Teach.

In looking back over my "yoman" (diary) I see that I have been running and running for the past month. First there was the Film Festival - but it wasn't just a matter of going to see some films. Nothing easy like that. There were several of us involved in this "production", so first three of us had to meet - for dinner, of course - to decide just what we wanted to see. Out of some one-hundred fifty or two-hundred films we had to come up with a workable number - all to fit into the time-span of one week. In different permutations and combinations of who was going to see what and with whom we came up with about twenty films - twelve for me. And then we had to draw up some kind of a spread-sheet so we could see what fit where - don't ask. And then we had to go and buy the tickets. I couldn't manage more than two in one day although Shosh saw three in one day. So that took care of more than a week.

Then there was a major marketing - and cooking and baking and preparing for a dinner party I gave that just seemed to grow and grow. I was just going to do a small dinner for Yoav and Ernesto - who were here on one of their flying visits - and two other friends. However - as I believe that it 's just as easy to cook for ten as for six - there we were. Great fun - great food (my Mother always said I shouldn't break my elbow patting myself on the back - but the food really was good) - fabulous friends - lots of good conversation and laughter - and there went some more time.

Then a wedding - out of the city, of course. And dinner and a show - "Shalom Hanoch". And Friday brunches with Marallyn. And lunch with Roz. And lunch with Marallyn and Evelyn and Bubbie Chana (Marallyn's Mom) to celebrate Bubbie Chana's 84th birthday. And another show - "Momix" with Roz. And dinner with my nephew and his wife and kids (who were visiting from Canada) and his mother-in-law who lives here. And dinner in Tel Aviv with Roz and daughters and friend. And then - as if I hadn't seen enough films - we went to see an adorable, fun film - "Ratatouille". And a party at Myra and Arnon's house.

Oh - I almost forgot - I had a terrible toothache and have been to the dentist twice - going again tomorrow. And in-between all the usual everyday things that have to get done - the "ozeret" (house cleaner - the word literally means female helper - we don't say maid) - the laundry - taking care of building business -- don't forget that I'm head of the building committee - and that's why I haven't written lately.

Another excuse? This heat has been so fierce that when I get home I just want to take off my clothes - put on my air-conditioner - and collapse.

Yalla, Bye.

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