Friday, August 03, 2007



I'm easy. I'm flexible. I'm also a very good friend. So it was that when Marallyn said to me that she wanted to go to the Ninette Tayeb concert at The Ma'abada (The Lab) this evening and would I go with her I said "Sure!" - nevermind that Ninette was only a name that I had seen in the gossip columns.

May I tell you that Marallyn and I brought the up the average age of the audience by - well, I won't tell you by how much - but suffice it to say that most of the audience was in their teens and early twenties. There were actually a few "more mature" people there - but a very few.

Ninette is the hottest young singer around today. She was a big winner on the "Kohav Nolad" (A Star is Born) show - so Marallyn told me. She was a big star on an Israeli "telenovela" - pronounced TEL-a-noh-VEL-a (soap opera) - but as I never watch telenovelas - American or English or Israeli - I didn't know her from that either. Actually I lie. I once watched several episodes of an Israeli telenovela - something about a family who owned a vineyard - for Marallyn - who had to be abroad for a few weeks and needed to know what went on during the time she was gone. As I said - I'm a very good friend so I watched it and reported to her.

But I digress. So there we were at the show. What can I tell you? To quote Marallyn: "I've now seen Ninette three times. The first time - this time - and the last time". True - Ninette has a very good voice. And very loud. In fact, the whole concert was very loud. VERY LOUD. VERY VERY LOUD. With a lot of lights flashing on and off. I kept hoping that no one in the audience was prone to epilepsy - those flashing lights could have set anyone off. And Marallyn was hoping that no one had a pacemaker - the bunga-bunga-boom-boom of the backup band could have caused cardiac arrest.

I'm the person who thinks Shalom Hanoch and Yehuda Poliker and "Teapacks" (or "Tipex" - take your choice of spelling - this being Israel) - are the greatest to listen to.

I'm going to sleep now - just as soon as my ears stop ringing.

Yalla, Bye.

I so enjoy reading your adventures. funny, we say telenovela in spanish as well!
Hooray - OK - you can send me your coments again - my CM (computer mumche - expert) just showed me how to access my "comments" - I think my blog site changed the way I was getting them. Regards. Rena
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