Wednesday, August 29, 2007



"Al regel ahat" means on one foot - which means I'll tell you, quickly and "b'kitzur" (in short) what's been going on and why I haven't had time to write.

First of all - it just occurs to me that I have been writing this blog for a little over one year. Actually, it's more than that, since I started writing this as letters to friends during the 2nd Lebanon War - and the letters, somehow, morphed into this blog.

So - more than a year of telling you what I've been doing - how life is in Israel - where I've travelled - the dinner parties I've given - other people's parties I've cooked for. I've railed at our politicians - been furious with our government - v'choolay, v'choolay, v'choolay (etc.etc. etc.).

It's been a long hot summer - unremitting heat for weeks and weeks. Which means one doesn't want to do anything - even though my flat is air conditioned. I shudder to think about my electricity bill - which must look like the national debt by now.

Getting ready to cook once again - it's THE HOLIDAYS of course. Still not ready for them - but there's no choice. Going to Ouri and Devora for the first night and then to my cousins - Dizza and Pazzi - for lunch the next day. I really wanted to go to "Beit Knesset" (shul, synagogue) but that's hard to do when you are more than 100 kilometers from home. And there will probably be the usual Second-Day-Rosh-HaShana party in Jerusalem - for which the guests have to provide the food - so - more cooking.

Have been doing the usual - guests for dinner - going out with my friends - working on the Va'ad!! - writing. Which reminds me - we have the Annual Va'ad General Meeting next Tuesday evening - that should be a lot of laughs. It's probably the thing I hate most during the year - except maybe for going to the dentist or the gynecologist. That should tell you how awful the meetings are. Actually - the Va'ad takes up a lot of my time - a thankless job for which I am not paid but rather blamed for everything that goes wrong in the building. Why do I do it? Because no one else wants to - and as I have to live here I might as well have the building run the way I want it to.

Had a terrible toothache - which turned out to be nothing - except it hurt - and as soon as I finish writing this I'm going to the dentist for a checkup. And after that a trip to the opthalmologist to take care of this terrible eye infection I've developed. Not such fun things.

Also have a deadline to meet for the next article I'm doing for The Jerusalem Post. Catch up with you later.

Yalla, Bye.

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