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My friend, Shosh, says that when the Greeks left they took all the logic with them - and there has not been any logic in Israel since.

I think she's right.

For instance - we are in the middle of our 24th Annual Jerusalem Film Festival (more about that another time) - and this morning - at 9 o'clock - we went to Beit Shmuel to see our first film of the day. The film, of course, didn't start until 10 o'clock - but as there is a lack of parking spaces and we had to dash out of the theatre to get to another theatre to see our second film of the day we needed a spot right near the front entrance...hence the early arrival.

The film ended - we said goodbye to our other friends - ran to the car - and started to drive to the second theatre. As we got to the main street - where we had to turn left - there was a big sign with a big arrow pointing to the right. "OK "- I said to myself - "I'll turn right and go around the block". But - it wasn't necessary - because despite the big arrow pointing right - the road split and there was another even bigger arrow painted in the street pointing to the left. Logical?

Which reminded me of the time a few weeks ago when Myra and I went to the Mall. There were big sales going on and the shops set up tables in the middle of the aisles to hold their sale goods.

One of the tables had a sign which said - T-SHIRTS-2 for 50 SHEKELS. The original price marked on each T-shirt was 30 shekels. Myra only wanted one shirt and said she would pay the 30 shekels for the one shirt instead of 25 shekels (2 for 50 - remember?). "Oh no" said the salesgirl - "I can't sell you only one". "Why not?" asked Myra innocently. "The computer won't let me", she answered. THE COMPUTER WON'T LET HER? Doesn't she know that people program computers? Computers don't decide for themselves. Logical?

But with all this mishegass (craziness) in our country - things happen which defy all a very nice way. When we got to the second theatre - the Lev Smadar - we had just enough time to have a quick lunch in their cafe before the second film. I ordered a fabulous Yoghurt Soup and Shosh ordered batata chips (sweet potato chips) and a plate of mushroom burgers on a bed of lentil puree with a yoghurt sauce. Sounds good - no? Inedible. Not bad - just completely devoid of taste. Salt & pepper didn't help - nor did the yoghurt sauce. When the waitress came to give us our bill she saw that the plate of burgers was untouched. "Was something wrong?" she asked. "No - it just had no taste and we couldn't eat it" answered Shosh. In a flash she picked up our bill and returned with a new bill - with the burgers taken off the bill. We hadn't asked for a refund - we hadn't asked to have the dish removed from the bill - she just did it. Never happened to us before. But - I'll definitely go back there again - I'll just order Yoghurt Soup. That's logical.

Yalla, Bye.

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