Sunday, June 17, 2007



Mamma Mia! What a week we've had here in Israel.

Shimon Peres was elected President of Israel. Can you imagine? At the age of 83 the man finally won an election. And already he's vowing to change the presidency to a more political position. Doesn't the man realize that all we want is some peace and quiet on that front? Just some nice ceremonies - accept foreign Ambassadors' credentials - have an open-house once a year - and dye-maspeek (enough already). Anyway - we won't have to worry about him running for a second term!!

Ehud Barak is now our new Minister of Defense - exactly what we need! At least he's better than that incompetent, Amir Peretz, who views the world through binoculars with the lens-cap still on. I still think we should have appointed Shaul Mofaz - but nobody asked me. Barak has his own agenda - he wants to be Prime Minister - again. This is his stepping-stone to that office. Will he be good for us? Only time will tell. But I probably won't vote for him.

Gaza is falling apart - Hamas and Fatah are killing each other - and everyone else who gets in their way.

And where are our leaders? Olmert and Livni are travelling the world - why should they stay here when they can be safely out of the fray?

But with all this mess in the country - there was still a ray of sunshine in my life last week - I saw MAMMA MIA! - for the second time mind you. The first time was in London when it opened a few years ago. Once again - it was wonderful - I enjoyed it just as much this time around.

As the show was all in English - for an Israeli audience who speaks Hebrew - there were large screens on each side of the stage which had - well, you can't call them super-titles or sub-titles - so I guess you have to call them side-titles - translations of all the dialogue and songs. Perhaps the dialogue part was necessary - but as for the words to the songs - the Israelis knew all the words to all the songs. How do I know? The audience burst into song with each new number. It was a lovely experience.

And at the end of the show - as one we all rose to our feet and began to dance along with the cast. It was such a fun evening - I don't think ABBA had any idea that their songs would have such a lasting impact on so many millions of people around the world. I checked on the internet and there are performances going on now in such far-flung places as Hong Kong, Spain, London, New York, Japan, Sweden and about twenty other countries.

If you get a chance to see the show - do! Be a Dancing Queen and Take A Chance On Me!

Yalla, Bye.

ABBA! Dancing Queen, brings back memories!
Rina - I saw Mama Mia for the 1st time last summer and as a non fan of ABBA, I was rockin' in my seat - and totally loved the show. I ma taking Kenny in July to see it - and he is an ABBA fan - I can't wait! What a wonderful uplifting show. Love ya and take care.

You will love it again - it's that kind of evening - the show wasn't stale or old - you'll rock in your seat once more. Love you too.
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