Friday, May 11, 2007



Just some random thoughts that came into my mind during the past week...

- Why - when you have no place special to go or no one special to see - does your hair look great?
- Why - when you have lots of time to do something - you just can't seem to get it done?
- Why - when you are looking your absolute worst - do you run into someone you want to impress?
- Why does your doorbell ring at just the moment you can't possibly answer it?
- Why - when your phone hasn't rung for hours - does it ring just as you are dashing out?
- Why is there no traffic when you have plenty of time to drive somewhere?
- Why do you break a nail just after you've had a manicure - and put on red red polish?
- Why does it rain the first time you wear those ridiculously expensive shoes?
- Why does your computer stop working for no reason?
- Why - when you are driving to someplace new - and you have a choice of turning right or left - do you always make the wrong choice?

Does this sound as if I've had a bad week? Well.... yes. Although some things went just fine. Had guests for dinner Monday night - the hottest night of the year so far - and the air conditioner worked perfectly. This year I had the good sense to call the air conditioner guy to check the system out and make sure there was enough gas before the summer began with full force and everyone else wanted him at the same time.

My dinner went well - after a lot of tweaking and changing of recipes - one guest doesn't eat tarragon so I changed the chicken recipe I planned to do - what I actually did was to make two chickens - one with tarragon and one without. I was going to make a fruit crumble - but another guest doesn't eat fruits beginning with the letter "p" - pears - peaches - plums and papricots!! So I made Myra's delicious and creamy and not-at-all-parve-tasting parve chocolate ice cream cake. Easy enough. And we all ate and drank and talked and laughed until midnight.

And here's the best part of the week - did you read last week's blog? The one where I wrote about that smug, self-satisfied little man who has made driving in this city such a nightmare? I was so angry that I wrote a letter to the Jerusalem Post - where the article appeared. This morning I got a call from Bubbie Chana - Marallyn's mother - to say that she was reading her paper and saw that my letter had been published. So there Mr. Bartov.

By the way - we really have to keep Bubbie Chana well and hopping. She's our lifeline to the world. Nevermind that I read two newspapers every day and listen to the news - American and Israeli. But most of the time I'm out and running around and can't keep up with all the events. Bubbie Chana keeps up with everything - all day - every day. She knows exactly what's happening - and calls us with a heads-up. She neither reads nor speaks Hebrew - but watches the news programs with great interest. When there is (G-d forbid) a "pigua" (bombing) - she knows it from the map on the TV and the little star showing where it occurred - and she calls us. She's our own private Associated Press.

Myra just came to visit - she was at the shuk (market) and bought me Belgian endive - perfectly white and beautiful - for 40 shekel a kilo - instead of the 60 shekel per kilo I have to pay at my local - and very fancy - greengrocer. So - I'll say Yalla, Bye - and have a nice visit with her.


Hi, my name is Leah and I live in USA in Washington state. Your "why" section is so TRUE! I always make the wrong turn!!! WHY? I still don't know. I have experienced all those "why's".

I was googling the word Jeruselum Newspaper and I came across your page. I am interested in your side of the world. Maybe I'll start one too.
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