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I have spent the last three days cooking. Before that was the marketing and preparing. I'm not cooking another thing for the rest of my life - a bit of an exaggeration to be sure - but at the moment I'm not interested in preparing anything more than a cup of coffee.

So - what did I cook and bake?

270 Meringue cookies
90 Coconut Pyramids
2 Apple cakes
Countless kilos of driet fruit for compote
2 1/2 kilos (5 pounds) of gefilte fish

And where do you think all this is going? Some to Devora for tomorrow - some to Shosh for the Seder tonight - some to Marallyn - some to Yossi - some to Ros - and I took a big box of the cookies to the hairdresser yesterday. That's all folks!!

In a few hours I'll pack the food into the car and drive up to Even Yehuda to Ouri & Devora's. From there we'll drive in the evening to Ramat HaSharon for the Seder - then back to Even Yehuda. Then on Tuesday there is Devora's traditional day-after-the-Seder lunch. And then - back to Jerusalem.

Here's an interesting factoid (I hate that word but I wanted to use it just once - never again). As everyone is busy cooking and preparing for the Seder - the night before is one of the biggest night for the pizza places. Many of my friends had pizza for dinner last night. First - because you don't have to cook it - and second - people need their "chametz" (food that isn't kosher-for-Pesach -especially bread and wheat products) fix before the start of the Holiday. After all, you can't eat bread for eight days!!!

I, on the other hand, actually like matzoth - so for me it isn't an "onesh" (punishment) not to have bread. And as my friend, Yossi, says - "You can't eat gefilte fish without a nice piece of matza". I particularly love whole-wheat matzo - but I also bought a box of regular matzo so I can make Matzo Brei - one of the great taste treats of Pesach. By the way - once I tried making Matzo Brei during the year - not the same. You have to have it during Pesach.

Have a Happy Pesach - enjoy your friends and families - do eat too much - it's part of the tradition - and glory in the fact that the Jews - all over the world - are celebrating along with you.

Stay Safe.


Happy Pesach.
Thanks for your good wishes. And my warmest greetings to you and your family for a very Happy Easter.
Felices Pascuas from Venezuela!
And a most Happy Easter to you - hope it was a wonderful holiday.
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