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Was trying to sign in to get to my blogsite a portent of things to come? Every once in a while my computer "forgets" me - today was one of those days. I tried every imaginable combination I thought I remembered - finally - success. Here I am. However - the big question remains - which combination of username and password did the trick? Each time this happens I swear I will write down the proper words - I always forget. Maybe next time?

Have any of you been following the brouhaha around the dismissal of Don Imus from his radio talk-show in the States? True - he said some outrageous and disgusting things about the female, Black basketball players from New Jersey. Totally and completely uncalled for and gratuitously racist. Certainly grounds for dismissal.

However - who was leading the charge for his dismissal? None other than those two upstanding individuals - the Reverends (?!!?) Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Those two holier-than-thou rabble rousers. Does anyone remember Al Sharpton and the Tawana Brawley outrage of several years ago? And even more egregious - does no one remember Jesse Jackson calling New York "Hymietown"? An in-your-face slap at the Jews.

Shame on them - and shame on all the talking heads on American television who have allowed those actions to be forgotten. Are we now living through selective racism? Is is okay to "dis" the Jews but not "dis" the Blacks?

Last Wednesday Roz and I went to Herzliya Pituach - just to wander through the Mall, sit at the Marina and have some lunch - you know - just hang out. For those of you to whom this is not important - you will not have been aware that the US dollar has been dropping in value against the shekel. However - we who live on American dollars are "chalishing" (fainting).

Exactly one year ago we were getting 4.70 shekels to the dollar. On Wednesday, as I was driving to Herzliya, I had the radio on. At 10:00 AM the rate was 4.10. While I was parking my car the 11 o'clock news reported the rate at 4.08. And as I was driving home to Jerusalem the 4 o'clock news reported the rate as 4.06.

This morning I awoke to the news that the rate is just a bit over 4!! What a tremendous drop in buying power. I've lived through three currencies here - first the Lira - which was changed to the Shekel - which devalued so quickly - hundreds of points in a year - that the currency was again switched - to the New Shekel. What now?

All in all - not a great week. For those of you who also read Marallyn's blog - she hasn't been on line for a while - her mother-in-law - Savta Simcha - passed away last week and Marallyn has been taking care of her husband and his siblings while they are sitting shiva. May they be counted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem.

Here's hoping for a better week next week.

Yalla, Bye.


Thanks for all the news. Hope you remember how to get back on again! I had 4 blogs before I finally wrote it all down!

Our currency here has devaluated. When I arrived, 20 years ago it was 12 Bolivares to the dollar. Now it is 4000! What used to apy my rent now buys a cup of coffee!
I agree with is not ok to dis jews and not dis blacks, but you seems that for a long, long time now, the Jewish race (God bless them, I love them) has simply been more "dis-able", if you get me. It seems that it's okay to do anything you want to a Jew...I have always wondered why that is! So...from a Gentile, sorry!
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