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In Hebrew when you say "dai - maspeek" - you mean "enough already - stop - no more".

And that's where I am now. I've had enough of Pesach. I'm ready to move on. Enough matza - enough kneidlach (matza balls) - enough gefilte fish - enough of thinking what it's OK to eat and what's not OK to eat. Enough of eating - period.

Which is not to say that I haven't had fun. Holiday dinners and lunches with my friends - what could be more fun than getting together with your friends? Including a great Shabbat lunch with my friends Riva (of the India trip) and David and their blended families. We've been friends so long that I've watched the grandchildren grow up and marry - and have been to a baby-naming of a grandchild - and realized on Saturday that the "baby" is now a big girl.

Marallyn and I went out for our usual Friday morning breakfast - on Sunday - which really blew my mind - because Sunday was erev-Chag (the day before the last holiday of Pesach) and it felt like Friday - because Friday is also a short day as it's right before Shabbat. In fact - I have been so mixed up with the days because of the holidays that I forgot to light my candles on Friday night - because it didn't feel like Friday. Are you feeling the same way?

Tonight it's over - in Israel anyway. Then it's back to real life - and time for me to get back to cooking - what? cooking you say? - yes - cooking for my own guests. It's time for me to get back to being a hostess and not always a guest - although I must say that I love being a guest - it's fun to eat someone elses food - see what other people do - how others serve.

And time to go back on that damned diet - the bane of my existence - you absolutely cannot diet during Pesach. So tonight the leftover matza goes out - yes, I know it's a sin to waste food but dai-maspeek - enough already - and to tell you the truth there's not that much matza left over.

To quote Marallyn - "Yahoo - Pesach is over - now we can look forward to Yom HaAtzmaut (Independence Day) - so that we can go to a barbecue - and eat some more".

I'm going to change my sign-off - I will always wish for you to "Stay Safe" - but I'm going to use a real Israeli expression to say goodbye - until next time -

Yalla, bye.


Hi Rena! I understand your wanting to move on, beyond Pessach, that is. To get the little dealy over the n, use your Spanish keyboard!
I don't have a Spanish keyboard!! I only have a keyboard that types in Hebrew and English. What is really silly is that I have that "thingie" -what's it called in Spanish - on one of my keys. Regards. Rena
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