Saturday, March 10, 2007



Do you remember the little poem we used to say as kids? Well - we used to say it as kids --

Da spring has sprung,
Da grass has riz,
I wonder where da flowers is.
Da boids is on da wing - absoid,
I tought da wing was on da boid.

Yesterday - early Friday morning at about 7:00 - Marallyn and I spoke on the phone - and almost at the same moment we began to recite the poem.

And then we realized - spring is almost here. We hadn't been going out for our usual Friday morning breakfast of late - not with any regularity anyway - it was too cold, it was too rainey - we couldn't sit outside under the pergola at our favorite breakfast spot - "Angel's" in Nayot - winter is a time to dig in and stay warm and dry.

And then we noted - the sun was shining - it wasn't bitter cold anymore - it was a day to sit outside and breakfast. And so - "achat, shteim" (one two) - we quickly dressed and by 9 o'clock I picked her up and off we went.

And when we got there - lo and behold - others had had the same idea. The tables were set up under the pergola - people were sitting outside and enjoying the morning - spring had truly arrived.

Our adorable waitress - who hadn't seen us in months - came running over to our table - and asked - "The usual?" We hadn't been forgotten.

So - spring is here. We'll begin Daylight Savings Time at the end of the month. We're beginning to empty out our refrigerators and freezers so we can start anew for Pesach. We're beginning to discuss at great length what we'll cook for Pesach - ridiculous when you think about it as we do the same things every year anyway. Tradition, you know.

And before we have time to realize it Pesach will be here - and Yom HaZicharon (Remembrance Day) and Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) and - finally - a day to celebrate - Yom HaAtzmaut (Israeli Independence Day).

Have a happy spring.

Stay Safe.


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