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Today is Friday - so Marallyn and I went out for our usual Friday morning breakfast. We ate at one of our usual favorite places. And then we went to our usual favorite museum.

Favorite museum? Yes - the MEGA supermarket in The Mall. I don't know about you - but when I travel I go to supermarkets. They tell you how people live - what they eat - how their lives differ from mine. And I also like my own supermarkets - there is always something new. Not like the days of old in Israel when you had a choice of white cheese or yellow cheese. Red wine or white wine. Romaine lettuce or Romaine lettuce!

{By the way - my favorite supermarkets to date are the Akmerkaz in Istanbul; Tesco's in Prague; C-Town in Amman; and the food halls at Harrod's in London and KaDeWe in Berlin.)

So there we were in the cleaning supplies aisle because I decided that I needed to buy toilet bowl disinfectant. You know - those little thingies that you hang from the rim of the toilet bowl to keep it fresh. There used to be one choice (see above). Today you have many choices. Here's how the conversation went:

Rena: Look at all these choices -what should I buy? Here's one at 3 for NIS 20.90. But here's another for NIS 14.90 for 1. I want to try it out - I'll just buy one.

Marallyn: What do you want it to smell like? Afarsekim (peaches)?

R: Nah - not peaches in the bathroom.

M: Here's one that looks nice - take that.

R: OK - but how does it work? (This one was really complicated - it not only had a written explanation on the back of the package - it also had three pictures!! Three pictures to explain a toilet bowl cleaner?)

M: How does it work? You just...... Wait a minute - you just push this thingie in...... No - you just pull that thingie out......

R: Never mind - I'll take the three for 20.90 - but I really don't want to spend 20.90.

Now - you have to understand that NIS 20.90 is about $5.00 - for three - not exactly an exhorbitant amount.

M: It's not diamonds - it's only 21 shekels - if you don' like it you'll throw it out.

And so I took the three for 21 shekels.

During this whole production there was a very nice-looking man standing next to us. I noticed him in passing and thought he was also trying to decide what to buy. Not at all - because as soon as I decided what to buy he walked away. As we left the aisle I walked one way and Maralyn walked the other (that's also a private joke - don't ask) - and as she turned around to look for me she and the man locked eyes - she shrugged - and they both smiled - and Marallyn and I began to laugh.

We couldn't stop laughing - we were helpless with laughter. Two smart ladies, well dressed, bright - and having this absolutely serious conversation about how to work a toilet bowl thingie.

I wonder what he told his wife when he went home. Is he laughing as much as we are?

Stay Safe.


betha his wife isn't as much fun as we are...shabbat shalom...yahooooo
And we're cuter,too. Shabbat Shalom.
I just read her version. it is great to see two friends have so much fun. And I am on the other side of the world laughing with you!
Glad we can make you laugh. And lest you think this is a one-time occurrence - I think we're out of our minds....but why not?
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