Monday, December 04, 2006


Now I THINK I'm Found

For all of you who have been wondering what happened with my new GPS thingie - tonight was the night guys.

Ilan - the man who was promised to me by the shop where I bought the GPS - called me at about five o'clock to ask if I were available for my lesson in operating the GPS. After many tries to get together - today worked for both of us - and so I had my lesson - which lasted for almost two-and-one-half-hours! And he said it would only take about ten minutes - which just goes to show that he didn't know me at all. Actually - anyone who knows me knows that I can't say "hello" in under half an hour. So - ten minutes to master something technological? No way, Jose.

Let me tell you - it ain't all that easy. But - it ain't all that difficult either. After not understanding a single thing for the first hour I said - "Go step by step and I'll write it down". That's how I learned to use my computer, by the way. Do you know those books "something something for DUMMIES"? I wrote my own - and it really is for dummies. In fact, someone once told me I could get my credit card information on-line. Just type in "" - and it's all there on the screen. I typed it in - literally thirteen times - and nothing happened. Absolutely n-o-t-h-i-n-g. And so I gave up and called AmEx on the phone. Sometime later I was telling my brother about it and he said "Did you press ENTER?" Press ENTER? No one told me to press ENTER. You see - if you don't tell me every little step - I don't know what to do. Anyway - how cleverly is a computer designed if you have to click START to turn it OFF? I rest my case.

But - I digress. The GPS has to "see the sky" I was told - and there we were sitting in the house - no sky. So - I opened the front windows and we hung out of the window while I had my lesson. It's cold this evening - but there were these two idiots hanging out of the window having a lesson. Weird.

Did you know that if you are in another city and you want to go home you press "HOME" and the GPS knows just where you are in the other city and - assuming you have your home address in the GPS - it will get you home from anywhere in the country? How fabulous is that? In theory - I'll never get lost again. In practice - I'll let you know - if I ever get home from - wherever.

But just in case - I have Ilan's cell phone number - just in case.

Stay Safe.


aaaaaamAAAAAAAzing grace...does that mean that now we can go to tel aviv and not end up in ashkelon??? great post
Dear Marallyn - And for anyone reading this who does not know us - that is not a joke - except we ended up in Ashdod that time - at 1 o'clock in the morning, noch. Do not care to repeat that experience in a hurry.
there are some things in a person's life that they never forget...oy
....but would really like to forget - like the time...oh, never mind...I'll just forget it.
Think abut all this poor one which have more then one home thay will never gut there .
c U 2 in Hanoka
If they have more than one home then they can afford more than one Navigator!! Do you think you can put in more than one "home address"? I have no idea - one thing at a time. Looking forward to Hanukkah - although I finally know how to get to your Mom & Dad's without getting lost. Took me long enough.
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