Tuesday, December 12, 2006



About four years ago my friend, Myra, called me one day. "Do you want to go to India?" she asked. "Sure", I replied. I mean - what do you say to a friend when she asks you if you want to do something? "Do you want to go for a coffee?" Do you want to go out for dinner?" Do you want to go to the films?" I don't know about you, but if I'm free I say yes.

Well, I looked at my "yoman" (daily diary), saw I was free and said a resounding yes. And so that April Myra, her husband, Arnon, and I went off to India. We had a marvelous time. Her cousin, Guy, was just finishing his tour of duty in the Diplomatic Service of Australia - so we were royally hosted in Mumbai - complete with driver - and car with diplomatic plates so that we could park where ever we wanted to in a city that has almost no parking places let alone places for the people. Then we went on a tour of some of India - only some as India is enormous and you can't manage to see it all in one go.

A year later I was on a long trip and found myself - once again - in India - although only for a few days that time. And last year Myra and Arnon and I decided that as we hadn't been to the South of India it was time to do that....along the way meeting up with their son, Barak, who was doing the usual Israeli backpacking through India.

As time went on our friends said to us that as we seemed to be old hands at the India thing - and as we had such marvelous stories to tell - and as we had such good times - they wanted to go along with us the next time.

So - this coming February is "next time". But this time we're doing it a bit differently. Arnon is staying behind and Myra and I are leading a group of eight women - count 'em, eight - to India. Each of us knew some of the women but all of us didn't know everyone. Which led to meetings to see if the "chemistry" was right. And after we all put our cards on the table - so to speak - I think we have a group. A group of highly educated women - well travelled - at least bi-lingual in Hebrew and English - and excited about our trip.

We are comprised - as far as I know at the moment - of native-born Israelis, one Russian-born living here since childhood, one American-born and one Canadian-born. A typical "Israeli" mix.

I have absolutely no idea how this will work out - but I have high hopes. As one of the women said - either we will hate each other at the end or will want to travel together again. And in the meantime - we have other friends who want to go with us to India -- soooo - if this works out we just may do it again. But - first things first. Stay tuned,

and Stay Safe


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