Saturday, December 30, 2006



For weeks and weeks into the winter we had warm weather - not that it was officially winter according to the calendar - and then...SNOW. Snow in December? It usually snows- when we do have snow - in February or March - but December? And on the day that my friend Riva's granddaughter is to be married? And with the need to drive down hills and up hills in a country where the drivers don't have the first clue about how to drive in snow? Feh! Fie!

I was absolutely not about to take my car
- but my friend Joey's driver was going to take both of us. So there we were - all dressed up and no place to go - because Sharif couldn't even get up the hill from Joey's house to my house - and of course there was no way we could get to the wedding. Even taxi drivers refused the trip. And it was one of those times that I looked terriffic - hair and makeup perfect - a lovely dress - broke out the jewelery and all - and so we - and a lot of other guests - stayed home and wished the bridal couple well in absentia.

The next morning I laughed and laughed at myself. There I was - in the middle of what everyone always thinks of as the warm and sunny Middle-East - dressed in my waterproof Timberland boots - a big puffy "dubon" (anorak) - fleece-lined gloves - trying to get the mountains of snow off my car so I could go out and do my errands. I'll try to think of that when summer comes and I am melting!

One more day and 2006 will be finished. It's been a good year - and a horrible year - and I'll be glad to see it go. I had some wonderful times - and some terrible times. But - my friends and I will see the old year out and the New Year in - in style. Joey is throwing a New Year's Eve (here we call it Sylvester) party and I'm having a dinner on New Year's Day. And what would my life be without cooking?

He has a fabulous menu planned - but called the other day with - "Rena - HELP". He doesn't know what do about the potatoes. Goodskeit that I am I offered to make the potatoes - mashed potatoes with schmaltz (faux - ask and I'll give you the recipe) and fried onions and baked in the oven - DELICIOUS - and what I was going to make for my dinner party on Sunday anyway. 18 people? Sure! Well - the 18 people have become 30 people - plus my twelve - that's a lotta potatoes. And somehow I think I'd better make more - just in case.

So now - I'm off to begin my cooking - I can do the ice-cream cake now (parve and also delicious) and also the pate. And tomorrow I have got to get these potatoes out of my kitchen - my counter looks like the invasion of the Potato People.

2007 will begin well - let's hope it goes well for the rest of the year...and to all of you - a very happy, healthy year filled with all that you wish for yourselves.

Stay Safe.


happy sylvester my dear know how to fill in the blanks...see you tomorrow!!!yahooooooooo
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