Friday, December 22, 2006



Once again, the dog ate my homework!! I know you will hardly believe this - really, have I ever been known to lie to you? - but my computer did its own thing - yet again.

- Whoever says that computers don't "think" - doesn't know what he is talking about. My computer knows - knows - when my CM (Computer Mumche) is out of the country or is otherwise engaged - and promptly proceeds to go crazy. So - last week when I tried to write my blog - I discovered that none of my passwords - "passed" - so to speak. I tried every word I might conceivably have used - no go. I called my CM - got voice mail. I SKYPED - no answer. Couldn't send an email - no email. So I called Marallyn - and she emailed my CM - only to find that he was in Switzerland!! How did my computer know that?

So as you can see dear readers - my CM returned - I'm back on line - and writing my blog.

- If it ain't broke don't fix it....I always say. I was perfectly happy writing my blog on my original blog site. It worked for me. Then the ubiquitous "they" decided to upgrade the blog site to Beta - whatever that means. My CM said - go ahead - upgrade. So I upgraded. Then - unbeknownst to any of us because the "they" didn't bother to tell us - "they" decided to "up-upgrade" (is that a word?). When I opened my site today "they" welcomed me to the new new Beta. Nice - huh?

- When my newspapers come on Fridays I always check to see what time Shabbat comes in so I know when to light my candles. (How many of your local papers tell you when to light your candles? On the front page, noch.) Today candlelighting time is 4:00 PM - and although you can't prove it by me as our winter has hardly begun - the days are already getting longer. How do I know? Last Friday we had to light our candles at 3:57 PM.

- You never know where help will turn up. When I complained about not being able to find the proper bulbs for my chandelier - my friend, Eugenia, in Florida - wrote to me and offered to help get the bulbs. Will she succeed? Will the company be nicer to her than they were to me? Stay tuned for further developments.

Shabbat Shalom. Stay Safe.


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