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Am I living in Jerusalem or in Chelm?

This evening Rosaline and I decided to go to the films - as we often do. Now, you have to understand that in Jerusalem you choose between going to a nice theatre - which may or may not have a decent film - and may or may not have convenient parking - or you go to a dive without decent parking and with yucky seats and with escalators that don't work - but with the best films in the city. So we chose to go to the Rav Chen Movie Complex (a white-elephant of a place) to see "Keeping Mum" - a funny, off-the-wall film with Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean, Blackadder) - see it.

Anyway - this theatre gives a discount for the 5 o'clock showing....the first showing of the day. So we get to the "kuppa" (box office) for the 7:30 show - because there was no 5 o'clock show. We asked for our discount - and were told that it was only for the 5 o'clock show. But there was no 5 o'clock show - so we should be entitled to the discount for the 7:30 show - we said. We would have come to the 5'oclock show had there been one. No way - it seems you are entitled to a discount for the 5 o'clock show only if there is one! Chelm!

After the film we decided to get a bite to eat. We went to a fairly new "steakiah" called "Bibi"- no relation at all to Bibi Netanyahu. The food there is very good. DO NOT GO!!

We weren't in the mood for meat - or a lot of food at all in fact. But - these steakiah's have a wonderful selection of salads served with fresh-baked "laffa" - a large, flat Iraqi pita....which is served gratis when you order a main course. However - the menu said - "Salads (without meat) 25 shekel per person". Goody. Just what we wanted. And so we ordered salads - which came with gorgeous chips (french fries) and that delicious laffa. A perfect late-evening nosh.

We thoroughly enjoyed our supper and asked for the check. When the waiter brought it to us he said - "The manager is very angry at me for only serving you salads - you have to have meat, too". Hello! The menu said we could order only salads.

Ros and I are far from shrinking violets - so we went up to the manager and asked why he was angry with the waiter for only serving us salads - when it said on the menu that we could order only salads. Lo mishaneh (it doesn't matter) what the menu says - you have to order a main course!

Twice in one evening? CHELM!

Stay Safe.


hiiiiiiiiii welcome back...what a story...hope you enjoyed the movie at to you tomorrow...nishikot and welcome back...stay safe
HI Rena

Welcome Home I have missed you.

I love your commentary so pls keep it up

Arthur Blankstein
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