Saturday, November 18, 2006



You all know by now about Elad my CM (Computer Mumche). He has saved my life many times over. He knows everything about computers - how to make them behave - how to make them do what you want them to - he can even talk me through a problem on SKYPE - I'm sitting here - he's sitting there - and he just tells me what button to push - and Voila! - problem solved.

I always feel such an idiot - the solutions are so obvious - why didn't I see them? He never makes me feel an idiot - he makes me feel that it's just an area in which I don't excel. Smart boy.

So - a few weeks ago Elad moved into a new flat with his new girlfriend. (Absolutely darling - the girlfriend.... the flat I don't know about.) And this flat has a real oven - not the toaster-oven he's been cooking with all this time. Derechagave (by the way) - did I tell you that Elad is a real cookie maven? He simply cannot begin to work on my computer unless he has something to drink and a plate of my home made cookies in front of him.

He decided - as long as he has a real oven - that he wanted to bake cookies. As part of my lesson
he told me to send him an attachment with a cookie recipe. Yes - I'm finally able to send an attachment. Simple, you say. Simple for you - difficult for me.

Then came the phone calls - "How much is in a cup"? Simple - a cup is eight ounces. "How big is a cup? A teacup? A coffee cup?" No - a measuring cup - but a measuring cup for dry ingredients. Aha - but here we use milligrams or millilitres or kilograms - not American cups, or pounds or ounces. So I did the conversion for him.

Then came another phone call - "What's do you mean when you say bake at 350 degrees?" Again "Aha" - here we use celsius (centigrade) not farenheit - so again I did the conversion and told him it was 180 degrees celsius. (The British use the term "gas mark 5" instead of degrees - but that's another problem just to make life exciting when you are trying to convert recipes.)

A third phone call - he has no vanilla essence but he has vanilla beans - can he use them? Of course, I said - and told him what to do - including putting the empty pod into a jar of sugar so that he will then have vanilla sugar.

And a fourth phone call - "The cookies aren't hard." Right, I said - that's why they're called Chewy Oatmeal Cookies - they're not meant to be hard.

And that's when the lightbulb went on - we each have our own area of expertise. That's when I began to feel as clever in my field as he is in his field. I can bake and cook with my eyes closed - and read a recipe and know what it will taste like. Hooray for me! But I can't straighten out my computer to save myself.

By the way - he said that the cookies were delicious.

Stay Safe.


everybody loves your my favourite are the chocolate chip merangueeee ones...oy the diet, the diet!!! stay safe
Is that a hint? OK - after Thanksgiving.
chocolate chip merangueeee
that is a good reason to come to jerusalem
So when are you coming to visit? Let's do dinner - or a Saturday lunch - just let me know.
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