Monday, November 13, 2006


MY GPS - part deux

I am, technologically speaking, totally and completely inept. Derech ha gav (by the way) - have you ever heard of someone who is "ept" - or is it always inept? Same with inane - is something ever "ane"? Is weather ever "clement"?

So as I was saying - I am totally inept, technologically. My new GPS has instructions - in English - for the computer, telling you how to download music - I don't want to download music - I want to get from here to there. It has instructions - in English - on how to show all your photos on the screen. I don't want to show all my photos on the screen - I want to get from here to there.

Nevermind that the salesman assured me that everything was in English - what does he know - he just wanted to make the sale. When I got the thing home and realized that all the instructions were in English - with the exception of the Navigator instructions - which were in Hebrew - I had the proverbial s--- fit. So I began calling - this one and that one and the other one - until I finally called the store where I bought the darn thing - and the saleswoman - who was also helping me - said "al tidagee" (not to worry) - she would organize the instructions in English.

She actually called me the next day to say she was working on it. (Unheard of....will wonders never cease?) Today she called me again to say - "no go - there is nothing in English". "Not to worry" said I. "I will bring the damned thing back to you and get my money back". Of course, they don't want to lose a sale of more than 2000 shekels. So the next thing I know some nice guy gets on the phone to tell me he is willing to come to my house and explain the whole thing to me...right now. Except - "right now" wasn't good for me. "Not to worry - I'll be back in Jerusalem later on this week or early next week and we'll straighten it all out. It's simple and we want you to be happy". (Is this really Israel? Is this really anyplace on Earth?))

I ask you - did you ever hear of anyone in America offering to do that? Not on your life. Mostly because tech support people are usually in India when you are in the Bronx!!

Now, you have to understand - I speak quite good Hebrew - very good, as a matter of fact. But - my reading leaves a lot to be desired - especially something technical. I don't understand instructions in English - let alone in Hebrew. I can read recipes like a champ. I even own Hebrew-language cookbooks. I can read articles in a magazine. (Unlike my friend, Rosaline, who can actually program a new TV and get the channels to come in correctly. Don't ask - not something you have to worry about in North America.) But something technical - no way.

So - my new GPS is back in the box - awaiting my personal English translation and instructions. I have to be someplace on Tuesday evening to do a food-tasting for a wedding - I don't know where I'm going - I know I'll get there - but how? If you don't ever hear from me again you'll know I'm still driving around.

If I ever show up again - I'll let you know how I'm doing with my new GPS. In the meantime - I have the thing charged up - that much I figured out how to do.

Stay Safe.


Hey Rena - doesn't google map work in Israel. I use it here - North America and I can find where I am going even if I am dumb.


Dear Arthur - I think it does - but I want that little man who lives inside to talk to me - "200 metres ahead turn right". Also - I can only read a map if it is turned in the direction I am driving - so I tend to turn right when I should be turning left - if you get my drift. But thanks for trying to help.
Regards. Rena
since i have been lost with you i am thrilled you got that thingee and hope the guy comes quickly to show you how it works...of course riding around with you will not be the same ever again...sigh
Hi love
Where is this food testing ? may by that one of the Erezs will know the way there?
let us know if we can assist you
Dear Ilanit - "One of the Erezes" - Mama Erez - already told me how to get there - I don't know why I need a GPS if have the Erezes.
Dear Marallyn - Not to worry - something else exciting will turn up to make our travels interesting.
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