Tuesday, November 28, 2006



Elad, my CM (Computer Mumche for those who don't know) - came to visit me again today. Yes - again. You might almost think we were going steady. ("Halevai" [it should only be] that I meet someone as faithful and concerned as he is.)

Why did he come this time? Because my mouse's parameters were too wide. Who knew? And if I were the least bit technologically savvy I would have known that you can click into the computer and "set" the mouse for whatever parameters you want. In fact, I am always amazed at the wonderful things he finds living in my computer - all sorts of information - all kinds of goodies. Yes - who knew?

While he was here he tried to teach me to make a graph using Excel. No go! I was lost from the word go. So he clicked onto something else and tried to show me that - also no go. So - in the interest of both our sanities - he simply set up the graph I needed and filed it away in My Documents - and now, each time I need it there it is - ready to be filled in. See how lilttle it takes to make me happy these days?

While we're on the subject of my CM - he emailed me to say that my recollection of his cookie-baking adventure is a bit like Rashomon - remember Rashomon? - the same story told from several different points of view. Anyway - he remembers it differently - but essentially the same! And he says I can quote him, which I will - "You should know "derechagave" (by the way) among MY friends I am considered THE chef, but...cookies were familiar to me only as a consumer. You can quote me on this."

You should also know, "derechagave" - that among MY friends I am known as THE computer idiot. And you can quote me on that.

Stay Safe.


Well, it made me laugh.
You are most surely considered THE Chef among you friends and others... about the rest I really don't know.
Dear CM: You are so sweet to say that - but, of course, you have to be nice because I always have good cookies for you to eat!
hey!!! i love the cookies and the cm...does that mean i can come for dinner??? shabbat shalom my dear friend and ps thanks again for this morning
Dear Marallyn - You can ALWAYS come for dinner!! As for this morning - my pleasure - didn't we have fun at the MEGA Museum?
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