Tuesday, November 21, 2006



In my own personal countdown to Thanksgiving I'm off and running. Well - I was running this morning - now I'm walking a bit more slowly. But - I accomplished a lot today.

Did all my marketing except for the slices of smoked goose breast.
Sliced goose breast you ask? Yes - to frizzle in the pan before I put the brussels sprouts in to saute. I used to use pancetta in the States but I keep kosher now - remember? Smoked goose breast seems to have disappeared from the deli counters for the moment - just when I need it. Like right before Shavuout a few years ago. Philadelphia Cream Cheese had just come onto the market here. Oh Joy. Oh Happiness. Now I can make New York Cheesecakes - I foolishly thought. After all, Shavuout is the holiday where you pig out (you should excuse the expression) on dairy products. Overnight the Philadelphia Cream Cheese disappeared from the shelves - not to be seen again for several months. My goose is really cooked now. (Ouch)

As you know - I was agonizing over my pie crusts. But synchronicity - or is it serendipity - stepped in and saved the day. On my way back from a wonderful concert last night I stopped off at the post office to pick up my mail - among which were two of my food magazines - GOURMET and SAVEUR. As I was leafing through GOURMET I read a letter-to-the-editor from some woman who said that she also had "piecrustophobia" but she used the recipe in the August issue (page 89) of GOURMET - and she now makes perfect pie crusts. Well - if she can do it so can I. So I got out my August issue - turned to page 89 - and I have just finished preparing the dough for four pie crusts. They're now in the fridge "resting" - see, I'm not the only one who has to rest after working hard. On Thrusday I'll roll them out - praying all the while - and hoping for the best.

I'm still trying to decide, however, between a pumpkin pie and a lemon meringue pie. I'll definitely do an apple pie and a pecan pie. I think I'll just sleep on it and decide later.

Now its back to the kitchen to clean up the mess I made doing the pie crusts. Then I'll make the cranberry sauce and the cranberry relish. (Because with all the preparations I also had a Board Meeting to attend today and my car had to go in for service - which is really a no-brainer as I lease my car and I always get a loaner so that I am never carless. But I am tired. ) Will let you know how my preparations are coming along. Tomorrow I have to.......oh forget it - you're probably just as busy as I am.

Stay Safe.


be still my heart...pecan pie...i am not going to eat until tomorrow night at your table...well, i'll eat less...well, i'll do my best...can't wait...you must be pooped...i am and all i did was read your post...stay safe...great blog once again...yahoooo...ps i mentioned your dinner in my blog so who knows who's going to turn up at the door??? stay safe...loveyou, marallyn
Rena - I can taste everything!

I wish I was there to partake in the festivities.

I can not wait to hear how everything turns out - i have made pies - they are quite good and I would make a Lemon Mareingue pie with tart fresh lemons....mmmmmgoood - pumkin pie is for goyim.

Love ya

Yael & Mackie are coming on Friday for leftovers - their choice, not mine - it's Yael's cousin's birthday on Thursday and Yubie is cooking - can a Mother miss that? Would be fun if you and Ken could join us. OK - your comment decided me - it's the Lemon Meringue pie.

Love ya too.
Well Marallyn - you should have stopped eating days ago - there is soooo much food - I should have stopped eating weeks ago - nevermind - as that great sage once said "Eat, Drink and Be Merry - for tomorrow we shall DIET".
so i didn't eat all day...i'm getting ready to get ready to come to your house...good food/good friends/a lot to be thankful for...thanks rena
Wasn't it a FABULOUS evening? I am dead tired - it's almost 1:30 AM - but I had a great time. Thanks for making it such a fun evening. Hurray for kitty-litter.
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