Tuesday, October 24, 2006


YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS - or - Maybe You Will

You won't believe this - or maybe you will. Yesterday evening as I was sitting and writing my blog and waiting for Myra to pick me up - we were going to the Begin (Begin as in Menahem, not begin as in start) Center for what turned out to be a fabulous multi-media presentation on his life - I was quietly sitting here and writing my blog when it suddenly disappeared into the ether. (Whew - that was some run-on sentence.)

Disappeared completely. I do not know where it is. I looked all over - I clicked on everything - even though I always have the feeling that when I click on an "unknown" my computer will self-destruct. And I can honestly say - because no one will ever know to the contrary - that it was a wonderful blog. All about food. But not to worry - I'll do it again some other time.

In the meantime - we should all give a shout of "HURRAH" that my CM, Elad, is back from Thailand. My computer is losing its mind - does a computer have a mind by the way? I am convinced that there is a gremlin living in my computer and doing its best to drive me crazy. For instance - in the middle of typing a sentence the font suddenly changes - for no reason at all - it seems to make up its mind that it is tired of typing in Arial and changes to Times Roman. (By the way - I hate Times Roman. My apologies to the Times and to the Romans but there it is - I only like sans-serif fonts.) It also switches to italic - for no known reason. Not to mention the other myriad quirks that this brand new computer has. Elad - please finish all your other not very important tasks - like moving into your new flat and registering for University - and come back to me.

Which reminds me - do you ever wonder about the little lady (well, she must be little or she wouldn't fit) who lives insde your telephone or your answering machine? What does she do all day when she's not answering your phone?

Stay Safe.


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