Wednesday, October 11, 2006



As a matter of fact, I do say tomahto. I don't know where that bit of affectation came into my vocabulary but there it is.

What started me thinking about that was last night some friends and I went to a Food Fair at which was sold all kind of "pickevkas" (tchotchkes) and, of course, food. What did I tell you about Israelis eating all the time? Whenever and wherever - we eat. After all, we never know where our next meal is coming from! So anyway, my friend ordered a "giapetta" sandwich with some kind of filling. So what's a "giapetta"? It's a "ciabatta" - a kind of Italian roll. "Ciabatta" actually means shoe in Italian because the roll is vaguely shoe-shaped - if you use your imagination. "Giapetta" sounds like Pinocchio's daddy - only with an "a" on the end. Israelis are really so creative when in comes to language.

Like going into a cafe and ordering coffee and a "corazon". What's a "corazon'? A heart - in Spanish. What they really mean is "croissant". Now, I ask you .....

We also use English words for certain things - with a little Hebrew twist just to make them our own. For instance - sandwiches are called "SEND-vitch-im" - "im" being a plural ending in Hebrew. ("ot" is also a plural ending - but that's another story for another day.) And sweaters are called "SVEDER-im". And brakes (on your car) are called "BREKS-im". And a back axle (also on your car) is a "bek-eksl" - and a front axle is a "front bek-eksl".

But we're not the only people who make "hackflaisch" (chopmeat) out of language. I watch FOX News from America and I cringe when I hear the newsreaders pronouncing some of our Hebrew names. Shimon Peres is call "per-EZ". He just so happens not to be Latino. His name is actually pronounced "PEHR-ess". And Bibi Netanyahu's name is pronounced "net-in-OW" on the news. It should be pronounced "neh-tan-YAHOO".

But my biggest cringe comes when President Bush talks about "nu-CYU-lar" energy. Mr. President - it's "nu-cle-ar" - nuclear - NUCLEAR!!!!

Stay Safe.


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all that is left is guy pines :))) you explain it to them...great blog once had a fabulous time today...thanks
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