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VA'AD BAYIT -or - Instant Insanity - PART 2

Tomorrow will be three weeks since I became Rosh Va'ad (President of the Building Committee). I am now certifiably mad.

If you remember the first blog I wrote about the Va'ad - I told you that we were interviewing a management company to take care of the building. That lasted about thirty-two minutes. We hired someone - who made a very good impression - despite the fact that he arrived late to his interview and wearing (horrors) a sort of undershirt thing - sleeveless. (That should have been your first clue, Dick Tracy.) But - this being Israel - and our "norm" being somewhat different from norms in other countries - he was hired.

Almost immediately I knew it was a mistake. He did absolutely nothing - less than nothing if that's possible. He was asked to do something - anything - didn't matter what - he smiled - said "Yes, of course" - and continued to do nothing. I wanted to fire him after two weeks. The former Rosh Va'ad said "absolutely not" - how could I expect her to admit to all of the dyareem (people who live here) that she made a mistake!!! But - and here's the big BUT - there was then no one to run the building.

So - in a moment of madness - I said "fire him and I'll run the building". And they did and I am - and I must be out of my mind. I set down certain ground rules - fat lot of good that does here. I sent around a letter to everyone - both in English and Hebrew so no one could claim not to understand - advising the dyareem of the Va'ad fees for the winter months and asking everyone not to just show up at my flat whenever they choose to - please call me first to see if it is convenient for me. Hahahahahaha.

Yesterday morning my doorbell rang - one of my neighbors wanting to pay her Va'ad fees. Yes, she said - she had read my letter but as she lived in the building anyway she decided not to waste a phone call and to simply show up. O-Kay.

Last night I was out at friends for dinner. There were nine of us - the food was good, the conversation sparkling - we had a wonderful time - and I got home at about 1:00 AM. I'm entitled, aren't I? By the time I got to bed it was well after two. Also OK as the next day was Saturday and I could sleep as late as I wanted to.

So - this morning I got up very early - as I usually do - but - as I had no special plans for the day and the weather wasn't too terrific anyway - I went back to sleep. At 11:00AM my doorbell rang - believe me - the outside doorbell is very loud - and I ran to answer the bell as I thought there was some kind of emergency. What emergency? Another of the dayareem coming to pay his Va'ad fees - at 11:00 AM on a Saturday morning! It was very obvious I had been sleeping - hair awry, eyes puffed with sleep, voice not working properly - and wearing eyeglasses - yes, eyeglasses in public. There are actually very few people who see me in eyeglasses - I'm very vain and always wear my contact lenses - but not this morning as it was Saturday, you will remember, and I was sleeping.

I was quite ungracious - not rude, mind you - just not ready to deal with the outside world. "I came to pay my Va'ad fees" he said. "What are you doing here so early on a Saturday morning?" I queried? He looked at his watch and in a very annoyed voice answered "It's already 11 o'clock - why aren't you up yet?" Eze chutzpah! (what nerve!)

I was almost speechless - 'almost' being the operative word. All I could think of to say in reply was "Even G-d only worked for six days and rested on the seventh. Aren't I allowed to do the same?"

And with that I wish you a Shabbat Shalom.

Stay Safe.


I read your story but I have to tell you have not in slightest idea about what it means to Rosh Vaad.My story goes like this.
The building is situated on Dizengoff st and is made up of 8apts of different sizes and 3 shops.
2 years ago I got a call from the old woman who was the rosh vaad telling me that I was the new rosh.She had just sold her apt. and told me no one else wanted to do it.I said no but insisted and I asked other people they all said no so being from the UK and since my parents have had an apt here for 26 years I thought I could give it a shot and improve things on all levels.
The first thing is money.The old system was by percentages.This system does not work since you can have shops that have 3% or 6% of the building but bring in thousands of people to the building causing ware and tare and damge and undesirables especially if it's a 24 kiosk.Secondly you can have an apt that's 11% but has 6 people in it or and apt that is 10% but is divided into 4 micro apts.
So the first thing I did was change the paymet system to Shops:50 NIS
apt:1 person 40 NIS
apt: 2-4 people 80 NIS
People balked a little but accepted it since before they paying 129NIS a year!
The problem begings in erenst when it came to the Israelis who either rent or own.They were only 2 apt owned by Israelis.The rest are all non born Israelis or olim.They went wild, incandesently wild.So full of hate in their eyes that they even took me to court!
2 female couples (non Catholic marriage) untied against me.They said 1 shekel is like a 100 shekels! These people are loaded and yet to get 50censt a day from them they took me to court.
These 2 couples did so much damage to get revenge on me I will not go into detail but just to give you a hint: letting thirs dogs urinate and defecate in the stairwell.kicking on the front door twice, ripping down vaad notices, not paying, loud music, ripping up letters sent to them and them throwing them out side my door. etc.
It's only and really mean only the Israelis that make the trouble and go out of their way to do so.They are irreconstructable.They would rather die that are that evil and stupid.They are the types that if you over paid for something they's take you to court!
These people cannot in any way be classified as jews for thay show no jewish character whatsoever.In england there was never a pronlem with the gentiles.
I also put up a couple of cctv cameras.This really got them!
I didn't make a vaad meeting because 80% were happy, very happy and really so visable improvments.They wanted one so they could attack me.But how can you make a meeting with people who daily go out of their way to destroy and building.Attacking the building to get at me.They can't stand it when they see someone caring.The public area should be respected even more than ones own sice other people have to use it.
Say you have a brothel in a building which is 11% but does 99% of the ware and tare, dirt and electricity and you own 33%.Are you expected to pay for 33%???
What if you have 6 people living in 9% and they use the place as a sound studio and bring in many people with sound equipment and damge the walls are you expected to pay 33% of the repainting???
So back to the court case:
They engaged a lawyer.
1.remove the camers
2.remove the sign that says reserved parking and let everyon use it even though no one else has a bike they want their friends to use it
3.make a vaad meeting
The judge ruled:
The cameras can stay if the majority want it
anyone can park but now none parks since I found a better spot
3make a meeting
The problem is this % stuff.
My 33% is made up of 3 apts joinrd together.each has 3 voted on the vaad.another guy has 5% which he split in 2 so he gets 2 votes.
I went around canvising and the majority agree with me.It's when the silly laws step in that screws it up.
All I say is pray you have no Israelis in the building.They reall are revolting.Not all of them but 80% are just not the ticket and never will be.We need more deportation and more anglo-saxo immigration.
Any questions or advice email me
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