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So why do I say "probably"? Because I'm superstitious - because don't want to give myself an "ayin ha ra" (a "kunnehora" in Yiddish - a "malocchio" in Italian - or just a plain evil eye in English). And besides - you should never say never. I won't do all ten today - I'll just do them one at a time as I think of them - you try to keep it all straight. And there will probably be more than ten. So what made me think of this today?

We are now celebrating Chol Ha Moed Succot - the intervening days of Succot. Wherever you go in Jerusalem - well, in the rest of the country, too, but I'm speaking particularly about Jerusalem - people are eating all their meals in succot (the temporary booths built with the roof open to the sky) - some people sleep in succot - and those of us who do not build succot (they're called sukkas in the States) are often lucky enough to be invited to someone's home who does build a succah.

Today I was invited to my friend Joey's house. Whatever Joey does he does with class - and his succah reflects that. What a gorgeous setting - overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. But I'm not writing to tell you about his gorgeous succah and the delicious food and the icy-cold white Yarden wine and the perfect fruits - fresh figs and grapes, rimonim (pomegranates), passiflora (passion fruits), dates --- I'm thinking about the guests who were there. Now, it's not as if we were invited for a specific time. He holds open house for two days and you show up any time it suits. So we showed up at about a quarter to one and who was there? A curator from the Israel Museum whom I studied with about twenty eight years ago - and whom I run into periodically, and the man who takes care of my flat when I am abroad - among other people. And the usual comments - I didn't know you knew so-and so - why didn't you tell me you were going to be here? A whole cross section of people - who in another world wouldn't even know each other. But here in Israel - every one knows everyone else.

I tell you - if I were going to have an affair with someone in Jerusalem, I wouldn't have an affair with someone in Jerusalem - if you get my meaning. It is impossible to be anonymous here.

And that's one of the reasons why I love living here - despite the fact that not only does everyone know you - or if not you personally, then your best friend or your mother or your ex, or has heard about you from someone else. For instance - I ran into someone a few weeks ago who also does volunteer work for MELABEV and she said to me, "You're just the person I'm looking for - I was gloing to call you". Why? She wants to put together a cookbook for our organization and whomever she spoke to said, "You must call Rena Isaacson". And I don't even know these people she spoke to!!!

Someone once said, "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet" - I'm lucky to be able to live among so many friends and strangers.

Stay Safe.


go ahead...have the affair...i'll cover for you...after all, what are friends for??? once again another great blog...stay safe...
when i ever get lucky i'll call you!
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!
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