Friday, August 04, 2006


Life Goes On....and On....and On....

I woke up this morning to hear someone on the TV in New York ask a reporter in the North of Israel, who had driven down to Tel Aviv, what life was like in Tel Aviv these days. The reporter said that as far as she could see life was going on as usual, and and from the Tel Avivians you would hardly know that there was a war going on. Wrong answer.

I don't live in Tel Aviv - I live in Jerusalem - so I can only speak about life here in Jerusalem. Never mind that door-to-door - and I live on the far side of the city from the entrance to the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv Highway and you have to factor in the time it takes me to get to the highway - it still only takes me one hour to drive to Tel Aviv. (But in that one hour you've changed cultures completely - they have fun - we're farklempt.) So back to life in Jerusalem. On Friday mornings I go out to breakfast with my friends - it's a tradition going back years and years. It's not about the food - after all - what's so different about an Israeli breakfast from cafe to cafe? Juice - two eggs, any style, - bread and butter - salads and coffee. That's breakfast. It's never about the food - it's about celebrating the end of the week and getting together with your friends and "yentivating".

Yentivating is my Mother's word - she made it up - it's sort of Jewish gossip - and it's a great word. No matter who else joins us - it is always with Marallyn and/or Rosaline. Today, Marallyn couldn't make it so Ros and I went to breakfast at what is my favorite place in "The Moshava" (the German Colony - an old section of town not far from my house that has been gentrified - with lots of shops and cafes and restaurants).

We went to "Caffit" - arguably my favorite cafe in Jerusalem. We met at 9:30 - because to go after that on a Friday means there is no parking and you have to wait for a table. And never mind that there are other cafes which always have room at whatever time you go. "Caffit" is my place and that's where I go. So I got there - and the place was almost empty - not one or two tables empty - almost completely empty - inside and out - and only began filling up when we left a few hours later - and fill up it did. We sat outside in the patio and I could see the street -the main drag - and that was almost empty, too - and only began to be crowded later. But then again - maybe it's not the War - maybe it just the "Hofesh HaGadol" (the big summer holiday/break) and people are away.

It's not that people are afraid to go out - it's just that we don't have the "heshek" (desire) to go out. All we talk about is the War - and the civilians and soldiers who have lost their lives - did you see this or that TV program - did you hear what so-and-so said? Do you really think a bomb will reach Tel Aviv?

I have a number of friends and some family in the Tel Aviv area and on up the coast. We speak on the phone regularly - and let me tell you - they are just as worried as the people in Jerusalem are. I am in constant touch with my friends all over the country - believe me - we worry. It's only normal to worry in these times. So the reporter was wrong. Believe me - we all know that there's a War going on - Tel Avivians - Jerusalemites - Eilatis - all of us all over the country. But we're strong - we're Israelis - and we'll win against those who hate us and wish us dead. Didn't we do it before - and before - and before - and before.........

And just because I haven't mentioned the soldiers and civilians who were killed yesterday and today - don't think for a minute that they aren't in my mind and my heart - and in the minds and hearts of all of us. Now it's time to go and light my Shabbat candles. Pray for us.

Stay Safe.


sooooooooo sorry i missed breakfast on friday...but as usual i love your blog...and you...shavuah tov...stay safe...keep do it sooooooo well
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