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So there I was minding my own business, worrying about the war, worrying about our brave soldiers, worrying about all the people who have been affected by this War With No Name - to digress, someone gave it a name, viz. "Milchemet Ein Breira" (War of No Choice) - actually just worrying about things in general - I'm Jewish aren't I? I worry. Anyway along comes Mel Gibson. And why is Mel Gibson someone to worry about? Because he is an anti-Semite - and gets a lot of publicity - and what he said when he was arrested for drunk driving got great play in the media - and confirmed to other anti-Semites out there that their feelings are validated. If the big, hot shot movie star Mel Gibson feels that way - why, so can they. He spewed his venom all over he place - and then apologized for what he said - and then had the "chutzpa" (chutzpa!) to ask the Jews to help him get over his alcohol addiction. We didn't make him an alcocholic - I should worry about him? I don't ask his help for my food addiction - do I call him when I have to go on a diet? "Ma pitom" (there is no real translation for this - take it to mean "what are you talking about?").

And then to make everything just hunky-dory - Abe Foxman, the head of the Anti-Defamation League - forgave him. I ask you - does that make any sense? I remember that when we were kids we used to say "sticks and stones can break my bones but namess will never harm me". Well Mr. Gibson - and Mr. Foxman - names can harm me - and all other Jews - and I, for one, will not forgive Mr. Gibson. And he was going to make a mini-series for ABC on the Holocaust? This from the son of a blatant Holocaust denier? It is to laugh. But we have the last laugh - the series was cancelled. So there.

Life in Israel? It goes on. A rocket hit Beit Shean today - well past the 30 miles that were the range of the original Katyushas. And people are still homeless, and without jobs in the North - but our Army and Air Force are doing a great job and - literally - putting their lives on the line for us. And for that we say Thank You and Amen.

Stay Safe.


Dear Rena we are with you , continue writin
g , E we love

i hope he never makes another film...i for one will never give him another cent or your blog...keep getting the word out there...stay safe
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