Thursday, August 10, 2006



Some years ago I lost the friendship of someone whom I thought was a good friend. I had written to her warning her of the threats of terrorism and wondering why the rest of the world was not as worried as we were.

She replied that she could no longer be friends with me beacuse she had other things to worry about - her job, her new fiance, planning her wedding - and she did not want to be disturbed by my "foolish and alarmist" writings. She said that I lived in Israel and made a big deal about every terrorist threat and she just couldn't be bothered. After all, she lived in New York and none of that would ever touch her!

And then came The World Trade Center bombings - right in New York where she lives. I have no idea what she thought at that time as we were no longer in touch. Her attitude was very hurtful as we had been friends for a long time - but how right I was and how short-sighted she was. And much as I like to be right......

And then came the Madrid bombings.

And then came the London bombings.

And then came the Mumbai bombings.

And then came countless other terrorist warnings and attacks.

And even as I sit writing this I am listening to SKY News and FOX News who are reporting the attempted terrorist attacks on six planes out of Heathrow Airport in London. Not in Israel. Right in the middle of the Western World. Terrorists who had liquid explosive devices in their hand baggage - in an attempt to create havoc to rival 9/11.

Why didn't the world pay attention before? Because it was "only" Israel and the Middle East? Today, Israel is in a fight for its life with Hezbollah - and Syria and Iran - against a violent and evil terrorist organization with no regard for human life. Who is to guarantee that "your" country won't be next? Sit up and take notice - today Israel - tomorrow the World.

Try to stay safe.


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