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I awoke this morning to the sound of my television - which I hadn't turned off last night - to hear someone (I don't know who the "someone" was as I was still half asleep) saying that Israel is losing the War in terms of PR. He was right. Why are we still saying Mea Culpa for Qana? Why are we apologizing for each and every injury and death in Lebanon? This is war, guys - and we didn't start it.

Bad PR? We are past-masters at bad public relations. In fact - our "hasbara" (PR) is almost non-existent. We make good hummus. We pull together as one when the going gets rough. We have the best, most dedicated soldiers in the world. But PR? However - this time we are really lucky. President Bush is on our side. FOX News is "fair and balanced". And the photograph, smuggled out of Lebanon by the Australian journalist, showing Hezbollah posing with their rocket launcher in a residential neighborhood in Lebanon is worth the proverbial thousand words.

I am absolutely amazed at myself these days. I actually like Bush. Or maybe I just like the fact that he is on our side. (Don't we tend to like people who like us?) As for FOX News - I used to watch them because I hated CNN and BBC - by default. But when I hear Neil Cavuto and Bill O'Reilly and Shep Smith - and, indeed, all the rest of them at the station standing up for us - I just want to cheer. And now I choose to watch FOX News. Of course, the Muslims will say they are biased - but as long as they are getting the word out that we are not the ogres the world makes us out to be - let's hire them to do our "hasbara".

As I am writing this there is a report on the TV that says Gilad Shalit is due to be released soon. Dare I hope? Dare we let our collective breath out? Is it real this time?

And yet - life goes on. Last night I went out to yet another birthday dinner - this one in honor of my friend, Marallyn's mother's 83rd birthday. Marallyn, two of her kids and I took Bubbie out to dinner. Lest you think this was some gourmet extravaganza - Bubbie had her favorite meal - a hamburger. Not just an ordinary hamburger in some joint - a delicious, big, juicy hamburger - with all the trimmings - in one of our favorite restaurants. The weather is so gorgeous these days that we sat out in the garden. Usually the weather in Jerusalem in the summer is too hot during the day to sit outdoors and too cool in the evenings. Yesterday was just right - as if to tell us that despite the War and the worries and the problems besetting us - life can be beautiful.

I've heard this several times in the past few days and I want to share it with you -

If the Arabs put down their weapons today, there would be no violence.
If the Jews put down their weapons today, there would be no Israel.

Stay Safe.

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Your "CHIK-CHAT From Jerusalem is just wonderful , please continue, it serves several purposes;,it shows us and the world that life goes on and must go on in these undescribable times that Israel is experiencing.
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