Wednesday, August 30, 2006


"As The World Turns"

When I left you two weeks ago to go fishing - so to speak - we were still at war and Israel was being bombarded with Katyushas and Qassams. In the two weeks since ---- the war has ended - or at least Lebanon War II has ended - I think Lebanon War III is yet to be fought - Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig from FOX News have been kidnapped and released - there is a cease-fire of sorts - our President, Moshe Katzav, is being investigated for sexual harassment - Haim Ramon, Head of the Ministry of Justice, has resigned over charges of sexual harassment, Tzachi Hanegbi is under a cloud for hiring cronies, Ehud Olmert is being charged with everything from taking bribes to mismanagement of the war and wearing that terrible comb-over hair-do -- and the world turns.

I have much to say about the way the war was fought and ended. Those of you who read this who live abroad know that I never disparage Israel
(it's sort of like, I can criticize my child but you can't) - the rest of the world does that for us. Those of you who live here know that I have a big mouth and can't keep quiet about our politics. (Actually, one of the big reasons for my making Aliyah was that it was time to put my money where my mouth is. It's not fair to criticize the government if you are not willing to stand up and be counted. {Have I used enough cliches for one day?}) I will say, however, that the way the cease-fire was conducted was a big big mistake. It will only pave the way for a third Lebanon War to be fought. And who is foolish enough to believe that while we are ceasing to fire that Hezbollah is not re-arming?

And the biggest question of all - where are our kidnapped soldiers? Have I lost something in the translation? Wasn't the reason we went to war in the first place because our soldiers were kidnapped?

There are many newspaper articles calling for the resignations of Ehud Olmert, Amir Peretz and Dan Halutz. Just where do you think I stand on this issue? You're right.

Anyway - I'm back and have so much I want to write about. I want to tell you about my little holiday and about what's going on here - aside from the Monday morning quarterbacking about the war. But now, I'm off to one of my many meetings - after waiting all morning for the dishwasher repair man who never showed up - but at least he called to say he wasn't coming - never mind that he called after he was due here - now, that's progress in our country.

Stay Safe.


welcome back...boy it just wasn't the same without you...smooches
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