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"What a Fine State of Affairs"

What a Fine State of Affairs
I was invited, for Friday evening, to a friend's house for dinner - in honor of a birthday, no less.  As I sat in my study trying to decide just how to tell my friend that I wasn't coming my phone rang - my friend was on the phone.  So I told her I wasn't coming to her husband's birthday dinner - just like that.  Why?  Because she lives over the Green Line and a part of the road to their house is quite empty and deserted.  A big road - beautiful - new - well lighted - but deserted with Arab villages off to the sides.  I was fine about driving on the Begin (that's Begin - as in Mehachem), and fine about driving through the suburb of Ramot - but after having to go through the "machsom" (barrier - checkpoint) I would then be on the deserted road.  She suggested I call some mutual friends who were also invited and ask for a "tremp" (lift - ride) with them.  Which I did - and had an absolutely hilarious and wonderful evening.  There were about sixteen of us there and by tacit agreement we did not talk about the "matzav" (situation) even once.  She is a wonderful and imaginative cook - so the food was delicious.  And her husband owns a "yekev" (winery) - so there was plenty of very good wine to drink.  And as I didn't have to drive - I felt free to drink - great fun.  And one of their friends is a  raconteur and had us all in stitches - and for the first time in two weeks I forgot about all our troubles and laughed and laughed.  On the way home at about 1:30 in the morning - driving along the deserted stretch of road - I couldn't help but think that I was so grateful not to be alone in my car.  Isn't that a fine state of affairs?  Not to feel safe in my own country?  To be nervous because of whatever ramifications there might be due to the fighting in Lebanon?
But on the other hand - in Israel there is always another hand - on Saturday I was invited to another birthday party - this time a luncheon.  This friend's children and grandchildren decided to take her to Abu Gosh for lunch.  Abu Gosh is an Arab village, not far from Jerusalem, which has traditionally been friendly to the Jews.  For years and years - before the Jerusalem/Tel Aviv highway was built - we had to take small roads that naturally took us to Abu Gosh - where there was one restaurant - "The Caravan" - which had wonderful arab food - I'll tell you about the food another time.  "The Caravan" - which still exists in greatly expanded form - still has good food  - and that's where we had lunch - sitting in one of the gardens under a grape arbor.  Today there are many more restaurants and lovely shops in Abu Gosh - and on Saturdays you can hardly get into the village nor easily find a parking space because the place is filled with Israelis out for a good time.  And isn't that also a fine state of affairs?  I felt perfectly safe in this friendly Arab Village!
And now - sound the horns - ta ta ta da ta ta! - my blog is up and running.  Just click on to the address below and you can access it - and even send me comments.  I love to hear from you so do write.  If you think any of your friends and family would like to read my blogs - feel free to send them my address.  I think my blogmaster (is that a word?  If not - it is one now) did a good job for me. 
So - this is the last blog I'll be sending to you directly - just "click" from now on to read what I have to say.  If anyone has difficulty logging on just let me know.
One word about what happened at Qana yesterday - what do you expect to happen if you use women and children as human shields?  Israel does not target innocents and civilians.  Why is the world not crying about the Israeli innocents and civillians who have been killed and maimed and kidnapped and forced to leave their homes?
Stay Safe
Rena's Blog

great!!! i love it!!! thanks rena for taking the time to tell it as it really is...there is still time to do something that will make a difference in all of our futures
happy to see that you have fun...
I like you blog keep on the good and funny work :)

fear no computer!

EE The mumche
Congratulations Rena on your new blog !
I hope soon you can write more about food and less (better not at all) about war.

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