Sunday, July 30, 2006


Mommy, The Emperor is Naked

And is he ever. The Emperor I'm speaking about is Kofi Anan. He has, finally - and in front of the whole world - shown his true colors. How dare he? How dare he? Blaming us for deliberately killing the four UN soldiers. Before waiting to hear the truth. The truth - from the e-mail of one of the soldiers - saying that Hezbollah was using the UN's building for cover. Shame on him!!
Furthermore - the Israelis have gone out of their way to try not to harm innocent civilians. The Army drops leaflets advising people to leave the area when they are going to bomb. The reason some of our soldiers were killed the other day is that the Army left part of their line open for trucks carrying humanitarian aid to get through - and Hezbollah took advantage of that. Does anybody tell you about that? Does Hezbollah do that?
By the way, a friend of mine (the mother of the soldier in Gaza) brought this to my attention - KOF is the Hebrew word for monkey - ANAN is cloud. So - what shall we call him? A cloudy monkey? A monkey under a cloud? Whatever we call him - he has finally confirmed what we have always thought about him - anti-Jewish - anti-Israel - you call it. Certainly not qualified to be the head of the UN - but who ever said that that "august" body was fair anyway. The same friend has a sticker on her car which says UN - UnNecessary.
This very minute - as I am writing to you - the TV is reporting that Gilad Shalit - the captured soldier in Gaza - may - just may - be released imminently. Abbas says yes. Saeb Erekat says there is nothing definite - but at least there is movement. Nothing confirmed - nothing definite - just pray.
Now - what about the two soldiers in the North? In any event - it appears that we are weakening Hamas - 23 of their men were just killed - and this will ease the pressure on us in the South.
When I started writing I never meant to turn these letters into a political forum. We all get enough of that. I wanted to write about how we are managing, about life in Israel in general, about food, about my friends v'choole, v'choole, v'choole (etc. etc. etc.). Today was just too much. I couldn't help myself.
I have to go now - impossible to concentrate on this and also the breaking news.
Stay Safe.

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