Sunday, July 30, 2006


Is Israel the World's Shabbas-Goy?

Worse than the withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking, worse than going on a diet and craving that piece of chocolate cake -- is the pain of not having a computer! Last week we had a country-wide blackout - only lasted a few minutes but enough time to do serious damage. A combination of that and my brilliant idea of trying to up-date my anti-virus program by myself - aided by my friend, Marallyn, (whose technological ignorance is second only to mine) and who "advised" me on how-to - sent my computer crashing.
However - my fabulous computer mumche (specialist/authority), Elad, came to the rescue and here I am again. He is very very tall and aside from taking care of my computer he also changed a light bulb for me - which he does with great regularity.
Anyway - on to the situation here. We have been watching TV and reading the newspapers - and making ourselves crazy. The news is not good - many on both sides being killed and injured. I'm not sure how clever it is to conduct this war in the media. Aren't we giving too much away? Shouldn't there be an element of surprise? Should reporters actually be reporting how many reservists have already been called up and the strength of our armoured divisions? Should we be telling Hezbollah exactly where their Katyusha's hit so that if they missed their target they can perfect their aim for the next time?
Just took in my newspaper (Haaretz/Herald Tribune) - how's this for a headline -- "U.S. wants Israel to end war in Lebanon within a week; IDF expands operation". We are certainly getting mixed signals from the Bush administration. On the one hand, Condoleeza Rice is headed here today and she says she has no quick fixes. On the other hand she has said that a cease-fire is no solution as in a short time we will be back to where we started vis-a-vis Hezbollah. On the other hand the world is happy to see us doing their dirty work - I feel as if we are the shabbas-goys (non-Jews who are asked to perform duties during the Shabbat that Jews can't perform for themselves such as turning on lights) for the world in this war. And on the other hand the U.S. is sending us bombs that can penetrate deep bunkers. Yes - there is more than one "other hand". And therein lies the problem. Are we to expect support from other nations - notably the U.S.? Or are we to be stopped in our tracks and go back to square one?
Support from other countries? I am so angry. The other day I saw on TV a shot of Spain's Prime Minister Zapatero proudly showing off his scarf made of keffiah fabric (the black and white fabric that Arafat used to wear). Has he so quickly forgotten the train bombings in Madrid? Why is he appeasing the Muslims?
Must get on with my day - important things like going to the misrad ha rishui (Motor Vehicle Bureau) to try to - finally - get my permanent driving license. I sent in my renewal in August 2005 as I was supposed to - went back again to see why my license hadn't arrived - was issued a temporary license good until February 2006, went back in February 2006 - was issued another temporary license good until this coming Wednesday - enough already. It was bad enough being without a computer. What will I do if I can't drive my car?
Stay Safe.

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