Sunday, July 30, 2006


Chik-Chat from Jerusalem

I think it's time to tell you why I call this Chik-Chat From Jerusalem. There is a Hebrew expression "chik-chak" which means "immediately - if not sooner". There is also a type of literature which is called chick-lit. So I've taken both of these terms and put them together to mean - more or less - news immediately out of Israel written by a woman - although not to be read by women only. And why did I have to title my missives? So glad you asked. I'm in the middle of setting up a "Blog" - which, of course, has to have a title. It's not up and running yet - and won't be for a while - this being Israel I don't exactly know how long "a while" will be - a week? - a few days? A while.
I already have the format and an address - and in the middle of everything I think I have to up-grade my computer. My computer is still not working properly and as Elad, my mumche (expert) told me some time ago, the time has come to upgrade. In the meantime everything is working "k'mo she tzarich" (as it is supposed to) and so I'm writing to you now while the writing is good - so to speak. I'll keep you posted on the progress of my blog - and let you know when you can click directly on to it.
I won't go into all the day-to-day progress of the war - notice I'm still calling it a war - with a lower-case "w" - you get enough of that from your TV and newspapers. But I'll tell you what is happening to us here. We're exhausted - and nervous - and worried. I thought that if I ran around all day like a meshuggena (a crazy person) I'd be so tired at night that I'd sleep. Wrong. Ran around all day yesterday - got home for the last time at almost midnight - fell into bed - fell asleep immediately - and boiiinngg - at 1:30 I was up - and again at 3:00 - and finally at 5:00 I gave it up as a bad job - and have been up ever since.
Spoke with my cousin who lives in Beit Yitzhak - opposite Netanya. Her older daughter went back to Haifa where she is at the Technion. Katyushas are still dropping there but the University has decided to re-open and as she has to defend her thesis shortly she had no choice but to return. Her son, who was stationed in Eilat has just been sent to Haifa - so another one to worry about. And her youngest daughter is still station in Kush Katif.
More and more we're hearing each day of boys being called up - "miluimnikim" (reservists) - some of whom have only just been released from the Army. The rationale for that is that they are still in great physical condition and also conversant with all the latest technology. Aren't they lucky!
By the way - in case you are wondering - I went to the "misrad ha rishui" (Motor Vehicle Bureau) yesterday and got my.........third temporary license. This time I was promised that I would receive my permanent license "gag hodesh - bli tashlum nosaf" (in no more than a month - without additional payment!!!). Can't even get angry - there are more important things to worry about at the moment.
Continue to pray for us and for our soldiers - those who have been kidnapped and those who are fighting so bravely.
Stay Safe.

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